Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rapid City, SD

What can I say about seeing Devils Tower up close and personal? 

My first view

My favorite view

It must be just about impossible to take a bad photo of the Tower.  I still tried.

Although the day continued blustery with intermittent rain and winds that ranged from mild to howling, the drizzle stopped long enough for me to amble around the entire base of the Tower.  This took about an hour and every step was met with wonder. 

An immense boulder field surrounds the base.

What an extraordinary experience!  Later, while eating a turkey sandwich and ogling the Tower to my left and Prairie Dogs to my right, I pondered upon my unaccountable good fortune to have a day like this. 

No question that all was going splendidly when .... my Check Engine Light came on.  I was too bummed out to take a photo even though I stared at it for a long time. 

I pulled over, consulted my Chevy manual which reassured me that I could continue to drive.  This was welcome news as I was absolutely 40  miles from any services.  

Route from Devils Tower to Spearfish

My GPS guided me to a Chevrolet dealer in Rapid City 2 hours away. 

The diagnosis: slippage of the torque converter.  The way Neil (my new best friend and Chevy service manager) explained it to me made perfect sense.  The part I most enjoyed hearing is that the repair and part should be covered by warranty. 

So, the new torque converter will be ordered from Denver tomorrow morning and should arrive early Thursday.  Neil estimates it will take half a day to do the work.  In the meantime, I will have at my disposal the courtesy driver.  I wonder if he'll drive me to his house so I can shower and do my laundry?  Maybe his wife's a good cook.

But hey, there are worst places to be stranded.  And I can still drive.  Tomorrow I will probably visit Mt. Rushmore some 20 miles away.   The weather forecast for tomorrow is warmer with partly sunny skies. 

I'll take it!

Good night from ....


  1. Is their a health club in Rapid City, maybe you can inquire about membership - get a free one day pass - use the showers, etc. Or some cities now have "state of the art" recreational facilities with pools, hot tubs, showers, etc. If you are ever near Wheat Ridge, CO they have a great one there.

  2. Ohhh, Murphy found you. Drats. That ole guy sure works hard to complicate matters.

  3. I had never seen pictures of Devils Tower from the some of the vantage points you photographed. And the photo of the route from Devils Tower to Spearfish is gorgeous!

    What a relief that your engine problem didn't strand you and that the repairs are covered under warranty!

    Looking forward to your next post! :)

  4. You are doing it girl. I love your trips. Thanks for letting us all come along.

  5. Devils Tower with clouds covering the top is really awesome.

    Happy to hear you problem was solved and one day or 2 in a really nice place won't hurt to bad. especially since it is covered.

  6. Wow! Have never seen Devil's Tower! Spectacular. Glad you'll be able to get the rig fixed easily enough....good thing you weren't even further away from somewhere.

  7. Some of the best words are, "It will be covered by your warranty."

    I can't even see pictures of Devil's Tower without having flashbacks to the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Mashed potatoes, anyone?


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