Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rapid City Still: A Day at the Mall

Up early to take the GDB for her torque converter replacement.  Happily, the procedure is covered by the 4-year drivetrain warranty. 

Rather than pacing the waiting room, I spent the day at the

where they take their mall security seriously

And they have a


In the next 5 hours, I discovered some interesting mall activities, not all shopping-related.

You can

nap (if only I had the guts)

watch TV

get a massage

lounge around the outdoor furniture display at Sears

ogle the candy store inventory

browse the selection of floating eyeballs and fake vomit

do the crossword

watch other people bungee jump
and of course

Sometime after 3 I got word that the GDB was ready to be released.  I couldn't wait to get back to my little home!  

Here I am waiting for the courtesy driver.  I'm attempting to illustrate what a 40 MPH wind does to one's hair. 

Sun's out.  Long time, no see!

Neil and company treated me well, even letting me store my food in their fridge.  I believe them when they say the mechanic was meticulous and took his time because of all the conversion factors i.e. tanks etc .... 

Thanks Rapid Chevrolet!

I look forward to resuming my trip in earnest tomorrow when I head for The Badlands. 

But for tonight I'm here

with the


  1. Oh Kimmer ! Not even all of the above would get me into a Mall unless I absolutely had no other choice.

    Spent many a night at Flying J's - no Wally's in the area ??

    1. Well, I didn't have much choice. Yes, 2 Wal-Marts - both with signs all over reading - "No overnight or RV parking".

      I suppose because it's a tourist area, thus the city ordinances. The locals say people do it anyway but I don't want to have to worry about the knock on my door in the middle of the night.

  2. You are with the Big Boys tonight, huh? Ear plugs, please. :)

    1. Actually, I don't have any problem sleeping with the semis. Weird, because I am a light sleeper.

      I think the GDB has good noise insulation and I turn on my white noise machine.

  3. lol...sleeping with the big boys! If they are not pulling in and out all night I don't mind them either..

  4. I think we should get some ear plug for the future. I don't mind the noise, but Craig gets restless.

  5. Good post, visualized your whole day clearly - especially the food one!

  6. Hi Kim,

    I am new here found your site off of a friend of RV Sue and the canine crew. We ended up spending 3 weeks in Rapid City having work done by I90 RV Repair and Service and they too did great work really friendly like the people in that area.

    Great Blog Rob...

  7. Wonderful way to tell the day's story. I enjoyed it.

  8. Loved the picture story detailing your day. :)


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