Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rocky Mountain NP

Wednesday 5/29/13 

I realized today that though this is my 4th trip to Colorado, it’s my first that hasn’t been during the winter.  In fact, in 2005, I spent 3 winter months in Salida – more about that later. 

And I’ve never visited RMNP until now. 

Low’s predicted in the mid-20s tonight.  Bears predicted about 2 – 3 AM.  Most people in B- loop are tent campers but they don’t look too worried.  We have some other small rigs in the loop as well.  It’s very quiet and about as scenic as it gets.

In light of the cold temps over the next few nights, I topped off the propane and drained the exterior water tank before leaving Loveland late this morning.  Stupidly, I left my winter coat at home.  I stopped at the Loveland Goodwill but the coats were no longer available so I settled for a fleece shirt.

Within my first two hours here, I saw 3 herds of elk!

Here’s my best elk shot of the day. 

And my best aspen shot of the day.

I’m staying for at least 2 nights in Moraine Park Campground.  $20 per night and no hook-ups but the views are priceless. 

This is the entrance to the camping area; you can see how it got its name - Moraine Park - with all the large rocks left behind by glaciers. 

Before dark, I had time to drive around and see a small slice of the eastern side of this vast National Park.  This is the road en route to Fall River Visitors Center. 

Another big day tomorrow, I’m sure.  Fingers crossed for good weather. 



  1. Haul out the blankets and the gloves! It is a magnificent park.

  2. Magnificent! That's the only word that can begin to describe those views! And that's the most beautiful campground I've ever seen!

  3. Nice photo's. Isn't it funny how we from the South forget that it's still cold in some places when it's 90 degrees at home. We did the same thing two years ago, arriving in Nevada with snow on the ground, and no jackets. Thankfully, Goodwill in Carson City had a few. Wish we were there to enjoy it with you..jc

  4. They can PREDICT bears at a certain time? Like weather? Weird. What a beautiful place. Can't wait to see more.

    1. LOL! The Ranger was telling me that is the pattern. They like to visit the CG after dark and lately it's been in the wee hours.


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