Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wall, SD

Spent another day in Wall just hanging out.   The severe thunderstorms that were supposed to arrive this morning, then this afternoon, then tonight, haven't materialized. 

Today's first order of business

I'm going back for more tomorrow.

Then I did the laundry, worked some crosswords, took a  nap.  Rough day. 

Jacqueline, beginning a 6-month journey, got to town late this afternoon.  She and her sweet Shih Tzu, Way-San, are my neighbors tonight.  Jacqueline lives in San Antonio, just attended a Roadtrek rally in Branson, and is on her way to rendezvous with 15 other Roadtrekkers.  They are meeting up in Banff on June 1st and heading for Alaska.  What an adventure! 

I met Jacqueline briefly at Quartzsite in January and then we ran into each other a few weeks later staying at the same Wal-Mart in Ft. Stockton, TX.   

We had a good visit and a good time strolling downtown Wall.   

The weather is a concern tonight with the possibility of severe thunderstorms.  The big worry is GDB-damaging hail so, earlier today, I scouted a good shelter for us if needed - a bank drive-through about 1 block away. 

I'm seeing lightening off to the north but according to the radar, the really bad stuff is north of us and moving northwest.  The prediction tomorrow is for more of the same.  I'd like to head back west tomorrow and drive the Wildlife Loop at Custer State Park.  We'll see if the weather permits.

Till then, goodnight from Wall, SD ....


  1. I think it's always better to wait out bad weather and hunker down. It's frustrating at times, but I like safe better than sorry. Hope it moves through tonight so you can be on your way tomorrow.

    1. I'm sure you are right, Judy. Patience ....

  2. I want a donut now !!

  3. Stay safe! Good idea finding a place to shelter the rig! Would not have thought of that! Hopefully you'll be able to move on today!

  4. Kim, we will be following your tire tracks soon....wondering if you are doing your stealth thing or if others are overnighting in the Wall Drug store parking lot?

    Enjoying your posts. Thks.

  5. No stealth needed. There are lots of other RVs overnighting as well. You have your choice of 3 lots - 2 are gravel, 1 paved. There is lighting and it feels very safe. There is an adjacent train track but both nights only 1 train came through. The lots are 1/2 block of Wall Drug.

    Enjoy your trip!

  6. With the terrible weather this month you are wise to find shelter. Enjoy meeting others.

  7. I think the bank drive-through is good thinking. Dave thinks the cops will show up. I think they'll let you stay, though, once you explain.


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