Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bartlesville, OK

Ooooooh ........ Oklahoma!

Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains .... 


I decided to get some miles behind me over the past couple of days as I head homeward.

It's been all Blue Highways with views like this ......

And this


Like Willie Nelson, seeing things I may never see again

I don't know.

Really, I don't.

Wind-powered parking-lot lighting.

My working plan is to glide through both the Ouachita and Ozark Mountain ranges as I make my way south. 

So ......... stay tuned for some Arkansas byways!


  1. At first glance, I thought your title was "Batteries OK."

    Love the wind in the hair picture. As for the "art," I don't know either! It's unique! :)

  2. Love the hair!! If there's anything that I'll remember forever about living in the southwest, it's the never ending WIND!

  3. I guess thats a good reason to keep my hair short. It was long when I was young, but now I'm just to lazy to put up with it anymore. I also remember te Texas winds.

  4. Yes the hair tells of the wind. :) I love the folk art great stuff. Nice looking country.

  5. Thanks for making my day, you make me laugh! Liddy

  6. Really NICE DO!!! Like this journey....sweet! ONWARD...put the miles behind you....I'm close behind. WE GOT A CONTRACT!

    1. Congratulations!!!! You're going to love being "homeless",

  7. shoot! Wish I had known you were in Bville. I live here!

  8. Love the photos and keeping up with your daily adventures.


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