Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Canon City, CO

I got restless and left Salida early this afternoon headed for Canon City where I am at Camp Wal-Mart for the night.  Any lingering traces of the road-fatigue I experienced several days ago seem to be gone. 

I'm finally pointed east, toward home. 

1,100 miles to go

The scenery along US-50 is nothing but beautiful just about the entire 58 miles.  It’s 2-lanes, up 'n down and twisty.  But well worth the hazards.  Most of the land is public, so it’s undeveloped and wild.


This is serious whitewater and I saw lots of guided raft tours. 


Before leaving Salida, I visited the Sand Lake Wildlife Area hoping to see a Hooded Merganser.  It was not to be. 

Lots of geese. 

This one actually followed me to the parking area and seemed to be enamored with the GDB.  He honked and honked.  Maybe he wanted to mate with The Big White Thing?


A Look Back

Last night, I was going through my photos from 2005.  It seems forever ago that I was here as a travel nurse but it was just 8 years ago. 

Heart of the Rockies Medical Center is a small hospital.  How small is it?  They locked the doors at 8 PM.  I'm not kidding.

Our average census was 6 patients for the entire facility.  I worked in the Women’s Health area which usually meant labor/delivery/postpartum/nursery. 

This assignment was a challenge beyond what the low numbers of deliveries would indicate.  Almost every term newborn required oxygen therapy because of the altitude.  That meant every delivery was, in effect, an emergency. 
Not fun for anyone - in the middle of the night in the middle of winter in the middle of the Rockies.  With so few deliveries, it was 90% tedium and 10% sheer terror. 

This was the house the agency placed me in on C Street. 

And the cute little rental car they arranged. 

The house wasn’t fancy but it was spotless, quiet, warm, and cozy.  And right across the street from the hospital.  My shortest commute ever.

The house slept 6.  It had a comfy living room


And a funky kitchen

All in all, it was a good experience.  I always wanted to come back to Salida (minus the working part) .... and I finally got to! 

As Judy would say .........

The End







  1. Home! Already? :-)
    Just kidding. There's nothing like heading for home when the time comes. We've found that we never know when that time will arrive, but it is an unmistakable feeling that speaks to the heart. Safe travels.....jc

  2. The area all along Hwy 50 is beautiful. I have stayed at a campground in that area and even considered moving there. We tried fishing in the river, but the current kept taking the line downstream.

  3. Loved reading about the small hospital and your experiences there.

    So funny about the goose trailing the GDB. And your scenery looks like postcards.


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