Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Greenville, MS (Almost)

I'm camped for the night at Harlow's Casino just over the Mississippi River Bridge that connects Mississippi and Arkansas. 

The local levee sits about 20 paces away from my parking spot.  The security people could not have been nicer when I asked permission to stay for the night. 

I didn't plan to drive this far today but there was no point in stopping with the temperatures being what they are.  Rotten timing to have planned my return to the South during the first heat wave.  As it is, I've just cooled down with the generator and A/C running. 

I left Lake Dardanelle this morning.  It was a nice camping experience and, were I the stay-in-one-place type, this would be a nice place to stay in one place.  Especially with a rod and reel.

This campsite costs $31/night. 

Same campsite from across the marina.

This shot reminds me of the Mediterranean.

And this one Hawaii.

I traveled Highway 7 through the Ouachitas.  A drive that promised more than it delivered.  

C'mon Arkansas!!!  Stop messing with us!!!

Web Photo

Maybe it's all the kudzu, but you really can't see a thing but the road signs.  I caught a glimpse of the mountain range exactly once during the 50 + mile drive.

I released my right-hand grip on the wheel long enough to take this jittery shot.

The good news: even though I was on rolling hills, A/C running full-blast, with full water tanks, my mileage continues to improve.  Here's the milestone average I was looking for.

I've been stuck on 14.8 and 14.9 for a while.  Significantly better than the 13.5 the onboard computer showed last August when I got the GDB.

Spent part of the day in lovely Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

And it was.  Hot, that is.  Too hot to make strolling the pretty streets a pleasure I'm sure it otherwise is.  And the hot water, while tasty, was not appealing on a day like this, but it is on offer everywhere.

At the Visitors Center

On the street.

If you are interested in Gilded Age architecture, come to Hot Springs - they have blocks of it.

This sign at a city park had me puzzled until I recognized this band member.   William Jefferson Clinton .... ladies and gentleman ..... on the saxophone. 

Looks like I'll be home on Thursday pending a long day's drive tomorrow.  But the flat, smooth, 4-lane US highway is a good one.  Plus, there is just no point in stopping in this heat.  At least in the driver's seat I have A/C blowing in my face all day. 

Can't wait to get home! 

Tonight, John and I have discussed several menu options and I am sooooo looking forward to the delicious food along with the fine company.  And holding sweet Doris tight.  She will probably ignore me for 20 minutes and then, surely, decide to forgive me for leaving her motherless for so long.



  1. I get text messages from the CO dept of trans - Hwy 50 is closed near Canon City due to wildfires. Good thing you are not there this week.

    1. Wow. Thanks for letting me know, Teri. I'm sorry to hear it though.

  2. Sounds like you are on a mission to get home. Too bad today didn't allow for a soothing treatment at Hot Springs...

    1. All but one of the bath houses were closed for renovation. Apparently, the city has decided the future is to lease to corporations that may be able to turn a profit.

  3. The Mediterranean and Hawaii look-alikes intrigued me. I enjoyed seeing the buildings, but wouldn't want to visit them (or much of anything) in this heat.

    Isn't it funny how going is so exciting -- and coming home is so wonderful! Truly the best of both worlds!

    1. It absolutely is the best of both worlds!

  4. If you are ever in the area again during the Fall, give Highway 7 another try. You will be blown away by the beautiful colors. The rest of the year, not so much.

    1. I thought about how beautiful the fall colors would be.

  5. Happy travels! Isn't it interesting when you just know a trip is ready to conclude! Enjoy your husband and Doris too!

    1. Thanks, Dawn! I'm so torn .... I hate knowing this is my last night in the GDB and, yet, I can't wait to get home.

      I guess it's a good conflict to have, huh?

  6. unbelievable... absolutely unbelievable... I don't know what happened ... but ... whatever.


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