Monday, June 10, 2013

Lake Dardanelle State Park, AR

I'm tucked into the pines for the night at Lake Dardanelle State Park surrounded by the Ouachitas to the south and the Ozarks to the north. 

It’s pretty here.  I’m in a quiet, shady spot and can see the marina.  This is a massive lake and a prime fishing area (they even have a big pavilion for tournaments). 

For $21 a night I have all the water and electric I can consume.  Both appreciated as the highs reached the nasty nineties today.  The A/C is going full-blast and, as soon as I recover from the sweaty ordeal of dumping, filling the water tanks, and hooking-up, I will take one very long shower.  This evening, when it cools down, I’ll go see what the waterfowl are up to.
I only drove 125 miles today but it took about 4 hours.  State Highway 16, then 21, then 7 are roller-coaster roads.  The road only differed from a roller-coaster because a) it wasn’t as wide and b) I was the only one screaming.  Tight hair-pin curve after curve, no shoulders, up then down, hands at 10-and-2. 
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The mountains are lovely.  The area reminds me of Northeast Alabama where my family is from.  It even smells like summer at Grandma’s.   

Me and Mama
Ironically, you can’t really see much of the mountains because you are so far in them.  There are no scenic pull-offs along this route which is why I can’t recommend it.  I’m sure there are established scenic routes through this beautiful land. 
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I apologize for the lack of original photos today, but there was nowhere at all to pull over safely.   Too bad, because there were some picturesque moments. 
Tomorrow I head for Hot Springs National Park and then it’s all about turning east, staying east, and getting home. 
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  1. What a pretty spot - enjoy! :-)

  2. The other fun road is Highway 23 which they call the "pig trail." There are many areas of this great country that I want to visit but Arkansas will always have my heart. I do love the mountains of Arkansas. Many people like to say we don't have mountains, well, they may not be the Smokies or the Rockies but they are mountains.

    Yes, the temps did start to climb today and it sounds like we are settling into our summer heat. Last year was a lot of extreme heat. Dardenelle is a really nice area. Hope you enjoy your stay at Dardenelle.

    Hot Springs is another favorite one of our wonderful cities. Bathhouse Row is really nice and there is one operating bathhouse today. I believe it is Buckstaff. If time allows do go to the bath house for a bath and massage. Also, the Arlington Hotel is an old hotel that is really neat and the grounds around it are nice. It is right at the top of the hill above the bathhouses.

    Safe travels.
    The Arkansas Travelers

  3. By all means, try to do the spa treatment (bath and massage). It is an experience you will never forget!!!

  4. Enjoy the shower! :) I remember 'screaming roads' in the Rockies...didn't know there were some as far south as Arkansas.

  5. That is beautiful country! Glad you have A/C and lots of water available this evening, though!

    I loved the picture of you and your Mom. It looks like you were churning butter? :)

    Hope the rest of your trip is safe and enjoyable. With A/C. It is really getting hot!

  6. I drove on some of those highways in 2011 and I was disappointed that there were no places to stop and enjoy the scenery or take pictures. Enjoy the A/C and unlimited water. State parks are a great place to stay overnight.

  7. And then you threw your hands in the air.

  8. You'LL be near Carolyn I think? It looks beautiful where you are. I'd not want to take my ClassC on that road. Enjoy the area!

  9. Ah, getting home. Just as exciting as starting out.


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