Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Salida, CO Day 2

Many thanks to reader Jerry who reminded me of the proximity of ghost town St. Elmo.  It was a good day to make the trip with clear skies and temps in the 70s.  It's a drive that this southern girl would not have attempted back in the winter of 2005.  In fact, the road probably isn't even open in winter.

While St. Elmo wasn't very ghostly today - lots of real-live people walking around - it still made for a fun afternoon.  St. Elmo, deep and high in the San Isabel National Forest, has the distinction of being one of Colorado's best preserved ghost towns.  The mining town was established in 1880.

Outhouse among the Aspen

The best part of the experience was the drive. 

The approach to Mt. Princeton - a fourteener.

Again, the GDB traveled up, up, up to reach 9,960 ft.  Seven miles of the route were unpaved but in good shape.  

We followed a roaring creek brimming with snowmelt. 

And stopped to admire a waterfall.

Cascade Falls

Oh the views!  Doesn't it make you want to do a Julie Andrews? 

On the way back, I stopped at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort for a long, hot, $3 shower. 

The hot springs in Winter 2005

Then into Salida where I found a dump station and potable water next to the Chamber of Commerce and gladly paid the suggested $5 donation.  I need to check my tires and my generator oil in the next few days too. 

I'm parked downtown right now watching all the river fun.

3 people, 4 dogs.  (3 of the dogs had abandoned ship at this point and were on the banks, rooting the family home, as we all were). 
Same spot in Winter 2005

And do I have to say it?  Yes ...... I live in a van by the river.   

I was tempted to make the drive to Black Canyon of the Gunnison today but might have kicked myself later for doing too much.  I think it was the right decision as I'll have an early dinner, an early Skype with John and Doris, and squeeze in some white hot crossword action before bedtime. 


  1. I never get tired of people saying they live in a van by the river. Demotivational, my webbed foot!

  2. I think I have just found my summer dream home. That little miner's cabin in the mountains looks like where I belong!

    I am surprised the buildings are in such good shape, considering the winters they endure. Thanks so much for introducing me to that area. That's the kind of place I can lose myself in!

    It does look like Julie Andrews country! And the rafting calls to me. Even though, in real life, I'd be too chicken to attempt it, probably!

    Do you have any problems with the altitude? I've always wondered how I would fare above 10,000 ft.

    Don't overdo the white hot crossword action! :D

  3. Yes, it is good to stop before you are sorry you didn't.

    "The hills are alive..." You mean like that? Yup, the urge is there.

  4. Love the outhouse in the aspens...pretty sure I wouldn't do the singing thing...would ruin the whole effect.


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