Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good Deal School Bus

Chevy University
It’s official!  My online teaching career begins September 2!   My debut term will include two courses – pathophysiology and pharmacology.

My goal is simple: combine two things I love - teaching and traveling.  This exciting prospect, first glimpsed a year ago, is about to become a reality.   It’s been a looooong process.  I first interviewed for this position in October!  I never thought it would take almost a year to receive my first paycheck.

As John recently pointed out, the delay was in my favor as I spent the hiatus learning an important skill – how to make long trips in the GDB.  He’s right.  Owning, operating, and living in an RV is an education in itself, as you know.  Oh, but what fun!  

From the mountains

Rocky Mountain National Park

To the prairies

Homestead National Monument, NE

To the oceans, white with foam

Canaveral National Seashore, FL

I’m sure my scheme is completely doable.  For example, I know now that I can stop anywhere I need to and spend a few hours (or days, as the case may be) grading papers.  The work will slow me down some – just how much remains to be seen.  But, hey, if I can work in the morning and hike a glacier in the afternoon, I’m a happy camper! 

Once I figure out what I'm doing, my long-range plans include writing about my experiences for other faculty.  I suspect that many academics, weary of the relentless, often vicious, politics and grinding workloads, will want to hear what I have to say.   I'm sure to get some manuscripts and conference presentations out of this whole big adventure.  Perhaps a book. 
I may eventually teach for other online colleges but, for now, I want to keep it simple.  Speaking of keeping it simple, I’ll share how I’m organizing my little office-on-wheels in another post. 

Roll On! 


  1. "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land, from California to the New York Island..." Congratulations!!

  2. Very exciting! The beginning, all the planning, that's such an exciting time. You've done a great job, and now you're there. I agree with John that you are lucky to have had some free time to take a few trips and learn and enjoy without the commitment of teaching classes in the very beginning. By the way, those sound like pretty heavy classes - WOW. I'm impressed. :)

  3. So happy for you. Look forward to seeing your "office". I can see my SIL following in your footsteps someday.

  4. So happy to see you realize your dream.

  5. I am so glad that all the puzzle pieces are fitting! Isn't it amazing how things have changed from the days when you could only dream about your first RV? Congratulations Kim!!!

  6. Congratulations! Nothing like being able to wake up, and make money in some of natures most beautiful places.

  7. Dreams really do come true! I am SO happy for you!!!

    Teaching, the manuscripts, conferences and a book... could a dream possibly get any better!

  8. I like how you are looking at the big picture of life and figuring out how to go for what you want.

    It's inspiring me to look around and see what else I can do!

  9. You can do this -- it's simply a matter of figuring out a daily schedule and being flexible when either the travel or the teaching take more time on some days. The biggest factor that you'll find, though, is internet access. I've always camped where I could get excellent access. I know you stay in Walmart a lot but you can't use any free internet, even if it's password protected, because those are all unsecured networks. Schools have technology policies that prohibit faculty from using unsecured networks. I always use my Verizon mifi (which is a secure network). Just something to plan ahead for.

  10. Congratulations on starting this new, exciting phase of your life! So happy for you.

  11. Congratulations!!! Wonderful news!

  12. Am so happy for you! Living life doing what you want to do (including earning a paycheck) is fantastic!


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