Friday, July 26, 2013

Road Brew Redo

 Forever in search of a better cup of coffee, I got a new gadget last week.


I first heard about the method in this post on Glenn’s blog To Simplify. 

I have been using the Melitta cone in the GDB and blogged about it 2 years ago when I first ordered and experimented with it.  It works well but, after using it on the road for over 100 mornings, I have to say it ain’t perfect. 

The problem is that the boiled water is poured directly over the grounds and is filtered immediately into the cup.  Naturally this makes for a weaker brew than anyone likes.  I’ve been compensating by using probably 50% more coffee grounds than normal.   Glenn had the same complaint. 
However, this product is designed so that the grounds actually steep before being filtered into the cup.  Note: I ordered the small version – perfect for my customary 8 oz. cuppa.  I tested it this past week and was pleased. 

Steep for 4 minutes


The flavor is, not surprisingly, more robust than the Melitta's and requires less coffee.  The new gizmo also meets the requirements of being easy to clean, easy to store, easy to use. 
Regarding the office space I wrote about last week, I came up with an alternative arrangement based on your comments about table set-ups that jogged my memory.  I have a built-in table!  I rarely use it, so I never think of it.   Geez, you wouldn’t think I’d overlook anything in such a small space but .... I managed.   

I guess this beats the plastic bin.  I look forward to trying it out! 


  1. Isn't it funny how we forget or overlook things that are sitting there, screaming, use me! ;-)
    Glad you found a coffee system that works for you. I carry a coffee maker...for my friends. Which is silly as it takes up space, but when traveling, my friends really do appreciate that cup of coffee in the morning! I set it out under my awning in the mornings so they can use it at will. I personally don't drink coffee..

    1. You're a good friend! The only thing that makes good coffee better is drinking it under an awning while camping.

  2. Interesting concept on the coffee brewer, but I need about three cups to get me going. Wanda usually goes for two, so it's a coffee maker for us. I think you're going to have one of the best office's around. Definitely the best view at times.:-)

    1. I think so too Jerry - and the view will change frequently. Yep, if John was along we would have a coffee maker for sure.

  3. That is a hoot about your forgetting the table. Glad you rediscovered it!

    Your coffee solution looks like a winner. I hate wimpy coffee, too.

  4. I want one! After 2 unsuccessful coffee makers I finally settled on the Melitta for the ease of use and clean up. Now this! What is it called and where can I find one?
    The office is brilliant. I love that table tucked away.

  5. One of the advantages of cleaning our my rig each spring is learning what has been hiding from me. Glad you rediscovered your table.

  6. I love my one-cup Keurig coffee maker, but if I didn't have that, I'd definitely try the one you're using. Looks like a winner.

    What a cool little table and storage! That's going to be really nice to have, for lots of things. :)

  7. Coffee-making's a controversial subject among campers! Saw a huge discussion on the Casita Owners FB page a few months ago.

    We have been using the Melita filters for years...very tired of weak coffee. Thanks for posting and including the other blog post!

  8. Good deal with the table - looks perfect! About coffee, I grew up drinking instant and loved it. On my first trip, I took the one-cup keurig and it was a bit of a pain in the butt when I was just doing overnighters. It's faster for me to pop water in the microwave and fix two travel mugs with coffee to go using instant. In know -- only heathens use instant coffee! LOL but actually I like it.

  9. Looks like a good solution to your office needs!! Sometimes what we need is right under our noses. Glad you discovered your table!!
    I'm not a coffee drinker. I prefer hot tea and I'm not sure how that happened.

  10. Excellent that you found your table! LOL...I'm not a coffee drinker but I live with one so I get how important the right brew is. Glad you found yours!

  11. The method seems very interesting just found it and would like to try it.Thanks for sharing.

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak


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