Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 1 - Douglasville, GA

With the Legislative hissy fit behind us (for now anyway), I left home about 10 AM.  It was a long day of driving the interstates.  B-O-R-I-N-G.  I realize, of course, that uneventful is good.  And, after all, my objective is to get up to DC quickly with just a couple of National Park stops in Virginia. 

Overnighting at Camp Wal Mart

I started this morning in the wrong direction (west) because I needed to get my broken exterior compartment lock fixed by the Roadtrek dealer near Birmingham.  This took all of 20 minutes.  

The best part about a visit to the dealer?

Sorry, I had to use a web photo.  You know that delectable sauce that makes this the best burger on the planet?  

I was covered in it and couldn’t get to my camera.    

After leaving the dealer, I picked up I-20 and stopped for the night just short of Atlanta.  It was about 5 PM, I was tired, and you can guess what the traffic was like.  Over 250 miles covered today but I don’t feel that I’ve made any progress.  Oh well.  The weather was nice and, after all, I’m finally on the road.
All of tomorrow will be spent on I-85. 

My big plan for the evening was to watch Game 1 of the World Series.  However, my remote control isn’t working (the batteries corroded the contact points) and that’s the only way I can scan for local channels.  That’s OK – I have papers to grade and at least I can keep up with the score. 

Any suggestions about getting a replacement remote?   My TV is a Vizio.  Will a universal remote work?  


  1. Kim, I am thrilled that you are finally on the road! Can't say I'm too impressed with your home for the night, but any port in a storm! :D

    I don't have a suggestion for a remote, but I do have a suggestion for corrosion. Get a spray can of Caig's 100% Deoxit from Amazon. It is pricy, but it will fix any contact that is corroded on anything! It is seriously good stuff. I also use it for preventive maintenance.

    I use it on my camera, on battery contacts, on radios -- anything that's not working quite like it should. It even cured a problem with the electrical connection from our truck to our trailer. It magically cures so many things.

    That is one product I truly don't leave home without!

  2. "IF" the contacts are still there, a piece of sandpaper, an emery board, or even a knife blade can be used to scrape off the corroded surface. I've cleaned the contacts of our tv remote, flash lights, and small battery lanterns a number of times. So far, they still work, afterward. Glad to see you on the road, again. Looking forward to reading all about the journey.

  3. I just cleaned the contacts on a little portable speaker, and it worked just fine after that. I just rubbed the white stuff off with a moistened q-tip. Then dried it with a dry q-tip. I wasn't sure if that was okay to do, but it worked.

    I've gotten universal remotes before, and they worked. Not the same, though. Can you buy a new Vizio remote on-line? Hopefully you'll be able to clean off the contact points and be good to go. :)

  4. Yay! You are on the road! Remotes and I are not friends so I'll leave that topic for others. I have cleaned contacts in flashlights, though.

  5. Good to see you traveling again! Looking forward to following along with you on this journey!! Safe travels!!


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