Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DC Day 3

Another satisfying day exploring Capitol City. 

The bus didn’t show up this morning so I got a ride with some very nice people from British Columbia who are staying in the park.  They are a long way from home!  Their plans are to head to Florida and make their way back home up the West coast.  Whoa – now that’s a road trip!

So, I started out here.

When I was on the subway, I was about to look up the address to the White House until I remembered that I already knew it!

The tours are very limited now.  But I took the tour way back when Jimmy Carter was living there.  However, the National Park Passport books didn’t exist then so I stepped into the Visitor’s Center and got my stamp.

The on to Arlington National Cemetery.

The day began gray and drizzly but, at Arlington, the sun came out, only adding to the beauty, and I walked for a long time.

Next I visited Arlington House, former plantation and the home of Robert E. Lee until the War.   

The house overlooks JFK's grave site.

Lee married the great-granddaughter of Martha Custis Washington and inherited the property upon his father-in-law's death.

The Park Ranger explains the family trees.

The Lees loved their home - they were married in the front parlor and 6 of their 7 children were born upstairs.  

Our docent points to an overhead fresco

But once Lee made the wrenching decision to fight for Virginia, Arlington was lost to him forever. Before the War had ended, soldiers were already being buried in the 1,100 acres of the Lee's former land that eventually became Arlington National Cemetery.  

The tour was brief but notable for the many original pieces in the house.  

Then I visited the Women’s Military Museum.  It was especially interesting to learn about the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps.  The most successful recruiting program of the entire war - in the five years it existed 124,000 women were paid to attend nursing school.

This issue of Life was released just 4 weeks after Pearl Harbor.  Can you see the caption?
Wanted: 50,000 Nurses.

The museum focused on the contribution of women in wartime including, of course, Vietnam.

Not sure what I'll be up to tomorrow but I definitely want to give Ford's Theater another try.  

Till then ....


  1. Robert E. Lee again... I don't understand why any mention of him just tears me up! I didn't know about Arlington House and the Cemetery being on his land.

    The caption on your bottom photo got me, too.

  2. Fascinating places you are going. I would never have the energy to visit so many in one day so I doubly appreciate you taking me along with you.

  3. You are having the BEST tour of DC! Loved that you went to some places I've never been. Almost like being there myself.


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