Thursday, October 31, 2013

DC Day 4

Day 4 of my 5 days here in DC.  Tomorrow is my last day to explore and I already feel a little sad to be leaving.  

The day was overcast but temperatures were in the low 70's and the fall colors are still with us.

 First stop

Photo of Ford’s Theater taken by Matthew Brady some time before the assassination

I’m so glad I returned today after finding the landmark closed on Tuesday.  The theater and its attendant museum were, no surprise, fascinating.  The museum contained several of Lincoln’s personal belongings.  

And also the murder weapon.  Very small, easily concealed.   

Seeing the theater gives one a sense of scale that no written account can provide.  

Best of all, the Presidential Box was open!  The docent explained that it’s usually always closed because of the crowds but today there were only a few of us, so we got to peek into the box from the door that Booth used. 

Appropriately, my next stop was the Lincoln Memorial.

Shortly before this photo was taken, I had left my backpack unattended for 2 minutes about 12 feet away, though never out of my sight.  Next thing I knew, the Capitol police quite literally pounced on it!  They rummaged through it ferociously and were hauling it off.  I quickly claimed it and they gruffly warned me never to do that again. Then they swooped away. 

I guess all that criminal activity made me hungry so I stopped here for a quick lunch.

Then it was on to the Korean War Memorial with its haunting sculptures. 

The FDR Memorial is new since we were last here.  It’s situated in a serene spot on the edge of the Tidal Basin.

With this view of the Jefferson Memorial across the water

There were several vignettes depicting the times

And beautiful features like this

And the main feature

The sculptor really captured little Fala.  And all terriers the world over! 

I probably walked for 2 hours, all told, and was ready to return home earlier than usual and prop my feet up.  

Rain is in the forecast tonight and tomorrow.  My plan for my last tourist day is to spend it at the National Archives. 

Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. Love the pictures. Both the monuments and the foliage. You've got me thinking about a DC trip after the Cherokee rally next October. Hope the most severe weather skips your location. Safe travels....

  2. I've had to do some catching up on your adventures. You have certainly visited a number of places in DC that I've never been to. I've enjoyed it, thanks.

  3. Love DC. We saw FDRs memorial (and Martin Luther King's) last May. Lovely that you were there with fewer crowds. We had giant groups of school kids...but I still loved FDRs park like setting. Will be interested in your archives visit.

  4. Those pics are just beautiful - better then I have seen from professionals. They do make one want to visit this time of year. Thank you.

  5. Great photos! Glad the weather is holding out for you. That's just crazy about your backpack. Wow. Safe travels.


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