Friday, October 11, 2013

Kitchen Renovation Update



Boy, for such a small kitchen, this was a big job.  The project took far longer and required a lot more work than I ever imagined. 

But I have to say it was worth it!  

Here's some before-and-after photographic evidence.  

One of my favorite features.

Convenient wine storage

The kitchen is a dream to work in now.  It’s sleek, efficient, and sets up perfectly for us.  John and I are dedicated home cooks so this feels more like an art studio than a kitchen.

On the menu tonight:  pepper-crusted salmon and a green salad topped with freshly-made lemon-vinaigrette. 

Now if only our ‘representatives’ would start actually representing us and OPEN THE NATIONAL PARKS!


  1. Holy mackerel! That is a stunning kitchen! A very dramatic and beautiful change. A lot of yummy meals will come from something so organic and warm. Your home must have been chaos for that long, long period of time, because the kitchen MUST be used daily. You certainly got a real beautiful result though it might have been inconvenient for a bit.

    I am like everyone else; frustrated with our non-representing Representatives. I wish the House would just elect a different Speaker. Boehner is just an a$$. Such unnecessary dramatics. Such unnecessary posturing. I hope when election times come around over the next few years, that people will remember this, and vote out any incumbents. I have certainly sent my Reps and Senators some nasty notes over the last month.

    My next destination will be Orlando, later in the month. I have an interview there for the hearing ear dog possibility. With luck it will go well. i have planned a nice easy trip down there. Not quite sure where to go or what to do after the interview is over. The middle of FLA has some interesting spots, but many from earlier decades are aging and getting droopy, much like me, I guess.

    When the Congress gets its stuff together, I hope you will have the pleasure of your long planned and interesting trip.

    Lovely results in the kitchen.

  2. Beautiful remodel! Really love that wine nook-- how ingenious! Congrats that the job is finally finished and lets hope that the parks open again soon so you can now enjoy another road trip!

  3. Very nice remodel! I'm feeling like things with the shutdown will move ahead this weekend or early next week. I've got my fingers crossed...

  4. Your new kitchen is beautiful! My son does home makeovers, and your kitchen is as nice as any he has done. Just beautiful!

    Yes, it's getting pretty frustrating and I'm not even being inconvenienced! I can't imagine how mad I'd be if I lost any paychecks because of this. I, too, think it will be over soon. :)

  5. Wow, am coming over for dinner. Just read the State of Utah is coughing up some pretty good bucks to open their National Parks for at least 10 days. Heard some other states are trying too. NM is pushing their state parks.

  6. Nice, the tile is great and the wine rack is a good use of the corner. I heard that some of the states are opening some National Parks out west. But that does not help in the direction you plan to go.

  7. The kitchen is gorgeous!! What a it!

  8. Beautiful. Was most of this done while you were on a trip? If our house doesn't sell but the end of the year we will be doing some more remodeling too.

  9. The kitchen remodel is stunning. You guys did a great job! Really enjoy posts of your travels :)

  10. Love the before and after pictures! Think you could get work as a decorator/designer if you get tired of teaching. Absolutely love it!


  11. Kim, what a warm, beautiful transformation. It looks like it was well worth the time and aggravation.

    And now you can relax and enjoy it for a long time... in between trips, of course! :)

  12. Kim, what a beautiful job and well worth the wait I am sure. Hope you have lots of meals cooked with lots of love there.

  13. Looks like heaven to work in!! Remodeling is always a mess and takes longer than expected but VERY worthwhile in the long run.

  14. Beautiful kitchen update. The pictures really show it off. We're remodeling a bath, beginning next month. I'm dreading the actual destruction/construction, but looking forward to the finished product.

  15. Wow! Great kitchen! Of course that was a lot of's amazing! Dinner sounds amazing too, to bad I'm late!


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