Monday, October 28, 2013

Monument City Day 1

Hello from ….

A beautiful day on Capitol Hill!

While waiting on the bus here at the RV park, I met Wilma from Oregon.  We rode the same bus to the same subway car to the same stop and had a great time talking.

Wilma shows me how the Metro card is done. 

My first stop

National Gallery of Art

I’ve always loved the Dutch Masters.  The last time I was here 3 out of the 4 Vermeers were away on loan.  They were all present today and I gawked for a good long while.  Sorry - no photos, but if you’ve seen Vermeer’s work you know how the canvases seem illuminated from within.  Pictures don't do his paintings justice.  

The Washington Monument has changed a lot since I was here last:

I've never seen so many passport stamps as here at the Washington Monument bookstore.  I counted 23!

Then it was on to

where Pop Culture was the theme for the day

Archie Bunker's chair, Bob Dylan's leather jacket, Ali's gloves, and Apollo Ono's skates

The original Kermit.  Made from Jim Hansen's mother's old winter coat.

No caption necessary

I really enjoyed this exhibit

I appreciated it on a personal level too because I lived through this transformation, as many of you did.  From the tired old Campbell soup casseroles, followed by a pear with a dollop of mayo for desert, to today's global cuisine.  

As the exhibit makes clear, the contribution of Julia Child to America's food revolution can't be overstated.

The kitchen 

the cookbooks (only 2 were hers)

the beloved copper pots and pans.

Though I have to say I'm really uncomfortable with seeing so many familiar items in a museum

Remember these?

I mean, c'mon ...... it wasn't that long ago was it?

A hugely satisfying day.  Can't wait to go back for more tomorrow!

As Judy would say ....

The End.


  1. Yep, I remember all of those. Does make you stop and think about the aging process when a museum is full of familiar items from your lifetime. We had that exact crock pot. Take it easy on the pear and mayo combo. We still have it occasionally, with some shredded sharp cheddar to top it off. No casserole's though!! :-)

    1. LOL! Oh yeah, you gotta add the cheese on top. I didn't mention either that the Crock Pot is my favorite kitchen device.

  2. I like mayo with about anything, but I've never tried it on pears. ;)

    1. Maybe it's a Southern thing. And, like Jerry said, with some grated cheese on top. Very popular where I came from.

      My dad used to eat french fries with mayo. Ewww! I think he did it just to gross us out.

  3. I'll eat about anything with Best Foods Mayo on it. I still cut up bananas and dip the pieces in Mayo. Or hot fudge, depending on whether I want a salad or a dessert. LOL. I'm pretty easy to please!

    I remember walking through the antique stores in Placerville, CA with my Dad, and he keeps saying, "That's not an antique. We still use that." Well, I've moved so many times, I haven't kept much, but all of those things you showed, I remember and used to have. Funny! You're seeing some really great things. :)

  4. I remember those tin glasses and the crockpot!! that DOES make you uncomfortable, it was NOT that long ago :) hope you are going to the Holocost Museum, that was so moving and poignant...

  5. You dredged up an ancient memory as I always hated that pear and mayo desert!

    Must be a southern thing, possibly from Scotland or Ireland. So many of our food customs came from Great Britain.
    Quite disconcerting to see one's childhood in a museum!

  6. What a trip! From Dutch Masters to Pop Culture to Julia Child. And my Mom had that same aluminum tumbler set... and I'm ashamed to admit -- I had that same crockpot... in avocado.

    Maybe I bought it from a very old person at a flea market? :D

    I also remember, as a kid, that salt and pepper were the only seasonings Mom used. We thought it was really exotic when she started using garlic salt!

    Now it takes three large drawers to hold my everyday herbs and spices!

    Another fun vicarious tour!

  7. Those aluminum tumblers made iced tea taste terrible. We only used them for Kool-Aid.


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