Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cherry Hill RV Park Review

Here’s some info for all my RV Buddies out there who want to know more about Cherry Hill RV Park in College Park, MD.  

After spending 6 days here, I highly recommend it.  The price may be a bit, well ….. pricey, but it’s a comfortable and convenient home base from which to launch an assault on the tourist heaven that is Our Nation’s Capital.  

I paid $55 per night (tax included) for water, electric, cable, sewer, and wi-fi. Each site contains a fire ring and picnic table.  Some pull-through sites are available.  

My neighborhood on a Thursday

The Commute


Step 1:  Take the #83 Cherry Hill bus to the College Park Metro Station.  Buses leave from the campground’s sheltered Bus Depot every ½ hour.  The ride takes about 20 minutes over 6 stops.

Step 2:  Catch the Green Line at the metro station.  

Travel 9 subway stops until the National Archives station.  This takes another 20 minutes or so.  

Transfer to any of the other lines anytime to go anywhere. 

Note: The bus from the campground also stops at a shopping center not far from the RV park that contains a Home Depot and supermarket. 

The Community


A fully-supplied camp store with groceries, souvenirs, firewood, and just about anything else you need.  The camping supply part of the store is relatively small compared to, say, Camping World but rivals it in inventory.

An on-site RV maintenance truck.  I almost wish something was broken so I could take advantage.

On-site propane service.  Sign up the day before and get propane fill-ups while you are off seeing the sights.

Pet-sitting and dog-walking services.

Tourist information.  The staff are knowledgeable tour guides.  Information sessions are held every afternoon at 4 PM.  Metro passes are sold in the office. 

SPOTLESS bathrooms and showers.  I don’t think I have ever seen such meticulously-kept bathhouses.

Plentiful real estate in which to romp with your dog.


1) The traffic noise from nearby I-95 is constant.  But I was able to tune it out and I’ve got GREAT hearing.  The abundance of trees muffles the noise somewhat.

3) The sites are close together.

2) The cable reception isn’t that great for the upper channels.  When I watched the World Series, I actually switched to antenna for a better picture. 

I’m not sure a better options exists from which RVers can explore the DC area.


  1. Seems like an alternative to paying more than $100/night for a hotel room. More fun too.

  2. As we have been begining our travels, I have tried to strike an "average" for space fees. If you boon a few nights, it helps balance the more expensive nights. I find staying closer to, or in this case, on the public transportation line, makes a stay easier. Less driving and no parking stress.

    1. Yeah, I figure I boondock enough that I can justify 6 nights in a campground.

  3. Thanks for the info. I like to stay at parks that are near public transportation. But it is pricey, need to balance that with some free overnight stays.

  4. It looks very nice!

  5. Thanks for all the great information!!

  6. I doubt I will every be there, but this is the kind of step-by-step post that is really nice for anyone who has plans to tour our capital. I'm sure it's been bookmarked by people heading that way. I agree - very pricey, but for a few days it would be well worth it to have a stress-free sightseeing trip. It does sound very nice. :)

  7. Like your trip reports. I have a couple of questions. Was there any cost to get into the national museums? Any cost to ride the bus to the metro from the RV park? Thanks

    1. Hi J Dawg!

      No - all the museums that are federally-funded are free. I paid no entry fees at all.

      Yes - glad you brought that up. The bus is a metro bus so the cost is $1.60 one-way to get to the College Park Metro Station. That's with a metro card. If you pay cash, it's $1.80.


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