Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Home Again!

 After 3 weeks and 2,385 miles it's time for some home sweet home.  

Sweet hubby.  Sweet puppy.  

As I’ve said, this was just a fantastic trip.  I was able to see and do everything on my list.  Other than the brake problem I encountered in the mountains, I can’t think of a single thing I would change.  

And I collected 35 National Park stamps!  

Web Photo

I got home late yesterday afternoon.  I’m still getting used to having a really big refrigerator and an unlimited water supply.

Even the end of the journey was wonderful.  I stopped about an hour from home at West Point Lake's Whitetail Ridge campground in order to visit with fellow-blogger TinyCamper.  

Sharon, husband Ron, and two doggies (Sunny and Sheba) just love to get out and explore nature in their beautiful Casita.  They had a serene spot right on the water.   

I first met Sharon last spring after following her blog for several years.  But this was the first time I got to see her Casita interior.  As you can see, it’s a cozy cottage on wheels.  Sharon has re-done the interior with style.  It’s beautiful and inviting.   

Next Sharon toured the GDB.  We sat inside out of the wind and had a nice long chat.  Sharon’s just a lovely person and I so look forward to camping with her in the future. 

I’ll spend the next few days moving out of the GDB, cleaning her up inside and out, and preparing for the next adventure - a camping trip to Florida in about 3 weeks.  

Stay tuned!


  1. Doris looks like, "who is that stranger across the table?" :)

    Glad your trip was so rewarding, and really glad you stopped by on your way home!

    Wish I could meet up with you in three weeks! But will catch up with you later.

  2. Nearly perfect trip--Yay! And just about enough time at home to be ready to go again--another perfect plan. Hope that trip is as good as this one was.

  3. It's always good to get home. Almost as good as planning the next trip! LOL

  4. What a wonderful trip! :) I know the feeling about being on a great trip but still glad to be home. We're out in CA and beginning our 7th day...and I'm starting to be ready to think about maybe going home.

  5. You do get around, girl. That's a lot of miles you clocked on this trip. Bet hubby had a gourmet dinner planned. Where are you going in Florida?

  6. What a couple cuties to walk in the door the other cutie you found on the road as well!!! :O)

  7. Welcome home!! Glad you had such an awesome trip!!

  8. I love the interior of the tiny camper. Those colors would look soooo good in The Palms! Maybe some day.

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip and made it home safely. I'll bet John and Doris were happy to see you!

  9. Another great trip under your belt. Not bad to only have one problem in all those miles.
    I'm sure it was great meeting Sharon too. Sharon and hubby always find the best campground with such beautiful views.

  10. Kimmer, You planning on Q this year ? I promise I won't get sick this time and we could actually "meet in person" this time !!

    1. Hi Sassy,

      No, won't make it to the RTR this year. Too much gas $. My plan is to attend every other year. Hope it works out that way! You'll be back next year right? Still want to meet up with you and Mr. B.

  11. Past days will never come, so enjoy all the day and each moment.
    You are having a very good trip. Awesome to see the arrangements inside the travel bus.


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