Monday, November 4, 2013

Skyline Drive

Greeting from the Waynesboro, VA – the southern terminus of Skyline Drive. 

What a ride!

I had no intention of driving the entire 105-mile stretch through the Park but, when I got to the only open campground at Mile 51, it was too early to stop.  Plus, no surprise, I had no wi-fi signal and I do need to visit my classroom tonight. 

But I’m glad I continued on because, as it grew later, other cars became rarer and the sun finally came out for a bit.  By the end, it was a drop-dead gorgeous sunset drive.   

The ride started like this. 

I was surprised to see so many people here on a Monday but I guess I wasn’t the only one delayed by the recent Congressional foolishness.  Soon enough, all our vehicles managed to space out and the road didn’t seem congested.

After the crowded environs of the big city, I was ready for some serious natural scenery.  You gotta love it – no traffic lights, no billboards, no construction.

But lots of deer.  Which are hard to spot.

Here’s my best shot. 

And then – something I never expected to see. 

Then it happened again – hours later and miles down the road.  What are the odds?

I swear, I could hop back on Skyline and do it all over again tomorrow!  


On a side note, this morning I got the chance to take a photo I’ve been wanting.  My van is built on this very Chevrolet 3500 Extended Van chassis.  

Roadtrek shears the Chevy roof off and installs the high-top to  make it a lean, mean road-trip machine.

Everything else is just cosmetic.  This just fascinates me.

Well ...... better go earn some gas money! 

The End


  1. Beautiful drive, and exciting too with the bears and deer.

  2. That is just SO COOL!!!!! And pretty too...but the bears were just SOOOO COOL!!!

  3. Oh, and I really LOVED that shot of the trees, just before all the animal shots made me forget. :)

  4. The colors are sooooo vivid. Great pics.

  5. Wow at the scenery! Achingly beautiful! And I have never set seen a bear in a tree... and you spotted two in one day!

    Also fascinating seeing what your beautiful Roadtrek was before cosmetic surgery. :)

  6. No fair!! I can't tell you how many times we have been to the Smoky Mountains, along with Skyline Drive in Virginia, and never spotted a bear. So proud for you. Love the colors, also. Just an old Chevy, huh??:-)

  7. Looks like you picked the perfect day to make the drive.

    Loved the comparison of the stock Chevy and your Roadtrek.

  8. Beautiful shots! Those branches don't even look like they could support the weight. fascinating!

  9. Wonderful pictures and all round great post! I miss the east coast colors!

  10. I grew up in the Valley and my family spent 3-4 weekends a month up at Big Meadows, Lewis, and Loft mountains. Only bears I ever saw were the ones scrounging through the campground trashcans! LOL Love those shots of the bear in the tree!! Safe travels -- good luck with the first week of school!


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