Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stone Mountain State Park, NC

[Note: I’m a day behind posting.  The campground had no wi-fi or cell signal so I was disconnected for about 16 hours – like being on the dark side of the moon!]  

It’s drizzling today so I decided to skip head toward Asheville and get back on the BRP tomorrow.  Getting some work done now at a I-77 rest stop. 

Wednesday November 6th

I took my time getting on the road this morning.  I even did some shopping. 

Is it just me or do all RVers do this?  I’m perfectly satisfied with my rig but it’s just fun to look. 

Using Gas Buddy and my trusty GPS, I navigated to a nearby Sam’s Club.


I got the sunny day I was hoping for.

The BRP scenery became more agricultural as I made my way south.  For the last 80 miles or so, it is very much like a country road.  I’m still loving the lack of commercial traffic and the low speed limit. 

As far as I know, there are only 2 Blue Ridge Parkway stamps to be had in Virginia. However, all the Visitor Centers are closed, locked up tight since the end of the season last week.  Thanks again Congress for my 3-week delay!  (Although, I must admit, the delay resulted in the lack of crowds I've been enjoying).

So I was reconciled that I wouldn’t get the Virginia stamps.  Then I saw a sign for this district Ranger Station.  I followed it, hoping against odds that the Rocky Knob and Mabry Mill stamps were there.  

I was in luck as a very nice lady who works for the NP had them in her possession and I got my stamps! 

A few more photos from today's BRP drive.

Mabry Mill

This red plants are abundant in these parts.  Anyone know what they are?

I’m here for the night at Stone Mountain State Park.  Water & Electric = $25.

My water tanks are so dry, the water pump groans when I open the faucets.  My grey and black tanks are as full as they can get without backing up.  And I could use a loooong hot shower. 

So here I am as the setting sun illuminates the trees. 

Upside: it’s a new moon, the skies are clear, and there are no lights.  Hoping to see some stars. [P.S. the sky was magnificent].

Downside: no cell signal or wi-fi.  

Upside: I can make some good progress on my ripping good detective novel.


  1. Great photos as usual! I,too, am taking lots of fall color shots; I love the reflections in the mill pond photo. Glad you found a spot to fill up, dump, and get clean! It always fills good to set everything to rights!

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, yt does feel good to have the household chores done!

  2. Great Pics! 2.77 seems like quite the bargain these days :(

    1. Yeah, it's a shame, right? I'm sure the big oil companies were counting on making it hurt ..... and then making any price under $3/gallon seem like a steal.

  3. I think anyone who is crazy about RVs enjoys seeing the interiors of others. It's so much fun to see how different manufacturers maximize available space. And sometimes it's fun to look in the big rigs and marvel at how the other half lives -- and then feel so smug that our little rigs are the best! :)

    What is the sixth photo? I thought it was a pull off at first, but since it's a dead end, I'm sure it's not. And it can't be a camp site. In any case, the colors are gorgeous!

    The underpass photo is also superb.

    Hope you got that long hot shower! And what a relief to take care of the tanks. It's stressful when the fresh water is empty and the others are full.

    And I'm so glad you were able to get your stamps!

    I don't know what the flowers are. Wild guess -- some kind of salvia?

    1. Photo 6 is an overlook. The angle looks weird, I know. To the right is the asphalt footpath. It kind of blends into the road on the left.

      It was a loooooong shower. It got lukewarm at the end. It was one of those that you have to keep pressing the lever every 30 seconds. But I still enjoyed it.

  4. Hey! Great to see your posts and travels. I've wanted to drive the BRP but never seem to get to it. By the way, I live in Atl and if you ever want a parking spot with electricity, let me know. Julie (

    1. Hi Julie. Yes, we meet at Kolomoki Mounds in March, I thing it was. That's a very generous offer. Thanks!!!

  5. Loved the reflection of the mill! And thumbs up to the "upside" of traveling...and hot showers! Thankful you scored the a shame not to get them. And yes, I still chk new rigs out but hard to find the strong sturdy built of our Casita, even as cozy as it is :)

  6. Gorgeous pics with those amazing fall colours - and that cloud pic was amazing.

    Yes, I also love to look at other RV's.

  7. What a great price on gas.
    The colors in your photos are just brilliant. Keep them coming.

  8. Beautiful photos - the colors are incredible. I, too, check out others' rigs and Camping World, etc. but, I also like 'knowing' my Fleetwood Flair's foibles. And, all RVs do have foibles!


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