Monday, December 30, 2013

Best Day at Work EVER!

Academic Outpost … or …. Van Down By the River?

I had a lot of grading to do today so I decided to go find a peaceful spot in which to work.  We are under siege from a massive construction project in our neighborhood and the noise is horrific. 

So that’s the great thing about having a house-on-wheels, right?  You know ... because it has wheels!  After coffee, I packed a lunch and drove the 38 pleasant miles to Horseshoe Bend National Battlefield.

I’ve been here many times before but never to work.  This battlefield has to be one of the smallest in the NP system.  And it is serene, clean, and uncrowded.

A stop along the auto tour

No construction, no road noise, no hunters.  Also no camera.  The shot inside the van was taken in the same spot last year.  The others are web photos. 

This was the site of a major defeat for the Creek in the Indian Wars.  In 1814, a small group of Creek warriors decided enough was enough and banded together to (gasp!) fight for their homelands.  The strategy was to encamp here and wait for the enemy.  

An equally determined Andrew Jackson cooperated by arriving with his troops in March.  During the bloody battle, the Creek became trapped by the horseshoe-shaped bend in the Tallapoosa River you see here.

Andy Jackson rode his victory all the way to the White House.  And we all know what happened to the native peoples.  

I parked by the river and worked a bit.  Stopped for lunch.  Worked some more.  Took another break and hiked the 2.8 miles through the woods, over creeks, and alongside the river. 

It’s a vigorous hike with lots of uphills, great for conditioning.  I returned to the office energized and ready to finish the job.  It was a wonderful afternoon - a perfect blend of productivity and fun.

Like I said …….. best day at work ever. 


  1. If we could all have work days like that maybe fewer of us would be in such hurry to retire. Good for you for figuring out how to do this.

  2. Kim, you are an inspiration for all of us trying to find the perfect balance! Here's hoping that 2014 brings an abundance of good times with the perfect mix of work and fun.

  3. Hundreds, if not thousands of companies could learn something from work model. Like the history, also....Happy New Year....

  4. Excellent idea, and wouldn't it surprise your students!

  5. I used to have some favorite spots in and around San Francisco for work work or school work, depending on what I was up to at the time. When studying for an exam in some lovely spot, I was able to rekindle the feeling when I wrote the exam! Visual association. That 38-mile drive was well worth the little effort. Happy New Year, Kim.

  6. Kim, that is the most perfect workday I have ever read about! Just awesome.

    The GDB sure has changed your life for the better. Looks like as close to freedom as you are going to find in this life!

    Also LOVED the history lesson about the Creeks.

  7. THAT's what I call a good day at work, too. Aren't we lucky? I noticed your total pageviews are now 142,000. I love it when I get those big round numbers.

    Happy New Year to you and John, and of course, Doris. I hope 2014 will be an even better year than 2013! :)

  8. Great place to work. But I bet I would be lost in all the peace and beautiful scenery to get anything done. I guess I'm just a dreamer. :)

    Happy New Year Kim and hubby, of course love to Doris too

  9. You make traveling seem so easy. You have shared such wonderful history and views from the road...can't wait to follow along in 2014! May it be good to you Kim!

  10. Horseshoe Bend! That's near my folk's lake house just outside Dadeville. Lovely place.


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