Saturday, December 7, 2013

St. George Day 1

Another nice day here on the coast.  An eerie fog covered the area just about all day.  Neither of us had ever seen such a thick fog in the middle of a sunny day.  Sorry no photos - fog is hard to capture!

After a leisurely morning at the campsite, Peggy and I spent the afternoon in the small scenic town of Apalachicola.

Our primary destination was


Mission accomplished!  We each had a dozen-and-a-half and split a soft-shell crab.

Our table overlooked the pier.

We had fun browsing the shops.

I was in the mood to photograph some color and texture.

Then it was back home to watch the Auburn football team win the SEC title.  Pretty great day!

WAR EAGLE !!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Apalachicola sounds like a place I would love. I got so tickled at all the different colored birds. I thought pink flamingoes were the ultimate... guess not!

    My mouth is watering over the oysters! And I haven't had a soft shelled crab since I left Maryland in the 80's!

    The color and texture photos are magic. I will have to get Peggy to give me some pointers, too. I knew she was a fantastic photographer, but didn't realize that her photography has been published. She is far too modest!

    1. You would love it here. We are going back for oysters for sure. Yeah - she's really good at it.

  2. You need to head over to Tate's Hell and see the Dwarf Cypress Forest - but watch out for any alligators. I spent a month there in the area and loved it.

  3. Love the Apalachicola area. Great pictures of the sights, and the FOOD. Congratulations on your win. Who would have thought the BCS championship game? War Eagle, yea!!

    1. We are all in shock, I think. I fell asleep before the Ohio St. game was over last night. But in the wee hours, I woke up with a text from John saying it was AU vs. Fl St. I remember so well at the season's beginning how we said we would be happy with a 7-5 season.

  4. Another place for me to check out in Florida. Great photos and the food - well it looks divine.

  5. We have snow. I remember my folks visiting this town. Could you beam me over there?


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