Monday, December 9, 2013

St. George - Days 2 & 3



Not much to blog about the last few days.  Just some beach-sitting, beach-combing, beach- walking.  You get the idea.  The weather has been great.  That will change tomorrow with the predicted rain storms.  But we leave tomorrow anyway.

So, here’s my seagull photo.

Here’s Peggy on Dolphin watch.

The campground has a nice wide trail that winds some 2.5 miles through a pine forest. Though unseen through the woods, the pounding surf is always within earshot. 

I don’t know what species of pine these are, but they make for some interesting shapes.

It was back to town for lunch today and another dozen on the half-shell.  Just love those tasty little bi-valves!  Here's Peggy enjoying her appetizer.  

I thought for a moment this boat was going to pull up to the table with our order!

It’s been a pleasant 4 days.


  1. So glad you had this special time on that gorgeous beach with Peggy!

  2. So nice to read that some people and some places are enjoying warm and sunny weather. Everything looks so wonderful ... I hope to get to Florida within a month.

  3. Looks warm and relaxing. Leaves me dreaming of the beach!

  4. Sounds wonderful! Wish I was there. Except for eating oysters. :)

  5. Ahhhhh......just what I needed. A beach break! Did you walk all 4.something miles on the path? Would have tempted me.

  6. I know I've already said this BUT...what a beautiful place!! Isn't it great to relax and enjoy the area with a good friend?? Safe travels tomorrow!!

  7. I don't know why but I have never been to Florida....always wonder if it much different than Calif...

  8. What a great trip - nice campground, great friend, delicious food, and less than 6 hours from home. Nice! I think you have the only warm weather in the country, too. Lucky you! :)

  9. When it comes to camera equipment, SIZE does matter. Very envious of Peggy's super huge lens. Next time I have a few thou laying around, maybe I'll think of getting one.

    Trip looks like it was nice. Love poking through Appilachicola. I thought of you, Kim, when I heard that Auburn won. I figured you'd be a happy gal. Keep having fun.

  10. Seems you had a good time. Beautiful pictures of trees and bird...


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