Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back to Florida

And much sooner than expected! 

I wasn't scheduled to leave until Thursday in order to meet Peggy for a 4-day camping trip.  But the freakishly arctic temps had me on the road 5 days sooner than planned.  I suddenly decided last night over dinner to leave today.  

As the turtle who was mugged by the snail said: it all happened so fast!

So I find myself overnighting at the WMT in Niceville, FL.  Sorry, no time for photos what with the last minute packing.  And getting here just as darkness was falling. 

The only downside is watching the BCS game alone tomorrow night rather than with friends and family. 

The advantage, other than much warmer weather and protecting the GDB, is that I can explore some of the Florida panhandle state parks.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while so …. why not now?

I’ll probably head to Henderson Beach State Park tomorrow.  It’s only about 12 miles from here and there are sites available.  I just hope I get a good wi-fi signal.  Gotta see the Tigers win the National Title!

No matter what happens, it's been an unforgettable season!

                                                          War Eagle!


  1. Don't forget those check our those lovely bathrooms at Henderson :)

  2. Don't forget those check our those lovely bathrooms at Henderson :)

  3. A big War Eagle! to you! Like you, we're excited to see that Auburn win tomorrow night. Look us up if you get to the Fort Myers are this winter.

  4. Enjoy that warmer weather!!
    WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!

  5. You flew the coop! Sure wish I was right behind you! We are looking at 4 degrees tomorrow night.

    Have a wonderful time with in Florida and camping with Peggy!

  6. Running away from this arctic freeze--sounds like a wonderful idea!


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