Thursday, January 9, 2014

St. George Day 2

The thermometer went in the right direction ... but ...

This is my 6th day of truly crappy weather on this trip.  I’m beginning to mind!

Later, after 2 cups of coffee and a crossword puzzle, I unplugged and drove into St. George to do what any sane person would do …

These were absolutely the briniest oysters I’ve ever had.  Honestly, it’s as if they just were plucked from the water.  Oh wait … they were!!!  

A handful of locals showed up and we had fun chatting.  I only left because I don’t have a designated driver.  

I'd definitely return here.  A nice mix of grunge and good conversation.

Thing were looking less dreary when the constant drizzle stopped on the way back to the park.  I was so happy to be able to finally take a long beach stroll!  But about 15 minutes in, the rain returned.  You know the horizontal kind of rain that stings your face?  Oh well.  Still beats a day at work! 

I returned to the campground and, when a brief break in the rain appeared, plugged back in. 

On the bright side, staying in gave me plenty of time to continue my Photoshop Elements lessons. 

This photo I took of the sea oats in the rain layered over a texture exactly captures today’s mood.


  1. I just love that little window to the sky in the front of your van!

    And, oh Kim! The oysters!!!! I am sticking back a little bankroll so I can pig out on fresh seafood at will when I get down there again! And you can bet I will try to dent the ocean's supply of surplus oysters!

    I am so glad your weather is predicted to improve. Hang in there! The warm, sunny days ahead will be worth it.

    I'd love to get good at PhotoShop. I used Paint Shop Pro for years because it was so intuitive. I just can't wrap my heat around PhotoShop! Looks like you are having a lot of fun with it!

    1. ...can't wrap my HEAD.... I can't type either!

    2. LOL! I'm having trouble wrapping my heat around it too!

  2. To bad about the weather Kim, but looks like you made the best of this day.

    1. Tried too. By dinner time I was all mellow again and content with the world. Glad to see you are getting better, slowly but surely.

  3. Hi Kim:
    I recently purchased Elements 12. Now I need about 20 days straight to learn how to do all the wonderful things it's supposed to be able to do. How's your learning curve coming?

    1. Did you? What a coincidence! I don't say this to dissuade you at all but it has been a challenge to learn the program. Not because it is hard but because it has so many features. Expertise will be a long time coming!


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