Wednesday, January 8, 2014

St. George State Park

The sun made an appearance this morning but went back into hiding before I left St. Joe State Park.  It was heavenly while it lasted.  

This is a lovely campground.  I’m amazed at the abundance of dense tropical foliage between sites.

GDB peeking through the vegetation.

I drove about an hour to get to Apalachicola.  I wasn’t hungry for lunch yet so I strolled around town browsing and window-shopping.  

Before long, I was ready for my arepa, purchased here at Cafe con Leche.  Sit on those chairs and watch the shrimp boats prepare for a day's work on the sea.  

I picked up one of these tasty treats when Peggy and I were here last month and it’s not been far from my mind since.  If you’ve never had an arepa, do so immediately!

I opted for bacon and a fried egg topped with a schmear of spicy avocado aioli.  

Sorta like a South American egg mcmuffin only …. mucho better!  It’s the cornmeal patties that make it.  

Web Photo

The gentleman below entertained all of us by really trilling the r when he called out my order.  Arrrrrrrepa! 

In progress

Then it was on to St. George State Park.  After checking in, I walked for ½ hour on the windy beach.  It was brisk but at least the temps were out of the freezing range.  Just me and the sandpipers (and not many of them).  

I settled in to site 54 - a short trot to the beach with a view of the dunes from my living room.  Tomorrow may be warm enough that I can open the windows and hear the music of the surf. 

The dunes right behind me, trust me.

And I'm happy to report that all seems well with the plumbing!

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  1. What a lovely egg sandwich! Great chocolate store there too...


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