Friday, January 10, 2014

Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park, FL

I left St. George Island this morning heading for Stephen Foster State Park to meet up with Peggy. I was really looking forward to the first part of the drive – the Florida Scenic Highway.

Here it is.

I just had to laugh.  The weather has not given an inch this entire trip so far.  

The fog finally dissipated but the drizzle continued almost the entire 4-hour drive.  Peggy was already set up when I arrived.  Carla showed up about 2 hours later.   We hadn’t expected Carla and her adorable pooch Mitzi to join us and were delighted she could make it!

This is a beautiful park and campground and has much to offer in the way of activities.  More rain is expected tomorrow but it still promises to be a fun 4 days. 


  1. Even with the overcast fog...still a beauty there. You girls behave...sound like a good time will be had by all!

  2. Kim, I laughed until tears came at your first photo! It sure makes a funnier blog post than experiencing it in person.

    I'm thrilled you girls got a break in the weather. Wish I was with you!!!!

    Tell Carla hello for me. I remember well-trained Mitzi. She is the one who would wait patiently at the door when Carla went to the campground restroom, right?. I was SO impressed. No way my dogs would do that!

  3. Oh my. So scenic.

    I hate driving in fog enough that I would not have continued that day and time.

  4. Hope you get a lot of sunshinne to make up for the drive!

  5. Oh, well! Into every life, some rain must fall. Just kidding. Hope the weather gives you a break and you can enjoy some warm sunshine with your friend.


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