Monday, January 6, 2014

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

As the day started, it occurred to me that having cable would be a good idea for tonight’s game.   Streaming works OK but is not always reliable.  So $47 later, I’m set to watch the game on my little big screen. 

On the first scan, I only got 7 digital channels (none of which was ESPN).  I went to the office and one of park employees was asked to hook me up with a cable box.  I drove back to my site and, just like at home, waited for the cable guy.  

The whole issue confused me because my TV is digital and I shouldn’t need a supplemental receiver.  Turns out, I didn’t need the box after all.  The problem was that one of the cables to my ridiculously complex "home entertainment system" was incorrectly placed.  

Thanks Austin for figuring that out!

Austin tells me there will be a sizable crowd watching the game in the club house tonight.  No doubt I will run (and, with these temps, I do mean RUN) over there at some point.  He says most of the viewers will be Gator fans so they will be pulling for Auburn to beat their arch-rival, Florida State. 

Back to this morning

My first stop after leaving Niceville was Henderson Beach State Park.  The campground was full.  (I never make reservations but this is the first time I’ve been turned away.  Guess I was due).  But allowed me to tour the campground as a possible future camping spot. 

Henderson Beach is a beautiful facility – the sites are sheltered and very private but …. the beach area is quite small and surrounded by development.  I’m glad I did a reconnaissance tour so I can check it off my list. 

Web Photo

So I traveled the 12 miles to Topsail.  The sites here are very narrow with no privacy.  I was also hoping for more shelter from the wind.  

The beach must be spectacular for them to call it a resort and get away with charging so much.  I’ll check out the beach tomorrow before leaving.  But I have to say, at the moment, I would not come back here to camp.

The overnight low will be low but not as low as it will be 200 miles north back home.  And it won’t be below freezing for long.  I’m happy to have hook-ups so my furnace can run all night without the risk of the blower running the battery down.  I’ll also open the cabinets to keep the pipes warm(er). 

Tomorrow I’ll move east along the coast - either to Grayton Beach or St. Joe State Park. 



  1. Wow!! For $47.00 you should get an ocean view site with every amenity. Both Alabama and Florida state parks have priced themselves out of our price range. Especially if we're traveling and just looking for an overnight stop. For what they charge, we can stay at a full service RV park with cable, wifi, and full hookups. War Eagle!!!!!!!

  2. Jerry C has a point!!! They are pricing themselves out of business. Many are going to have to spruce up to get the prices they are asking. Oh well, you found a site and you will be able to watch the game!! :-)
    WAR EAGLE!!!!!

  3. From a sports addict.....the game is always the most important, at any cost :)

  4. The only way for us to be able to afford Florida state parks for more than a few days would be to become a Florida resident so we could get the 50% Florida resident senior citizen discount! At least they look out for their own!

    Sure hope you get some nice, warm weather soon, Kim. It's supposed to warm up here a little after tonight.

  5. I'm in Louisiana at Betty's RV park until the first of February and have no future reservations set up. I only hope I can find State parks in Florida - even they're expensive at this time of year. And, my gosh, this weather is something. It's way warmer where I live in California than it's been here recently. YIKES!

  6. We each have to decide what is worth paying for. It's different on different days and at different locations for me. We paid a ton of money to spend one night on Key West and enjoyed having that once in a lifetime experience.

  7. Sorry about the game outcome...I'm an AU fan too. Still...was good game.

  8. We too are AU fans! boo, The Park, does offer full hook ups, with cable,WiFi, a pool, a tram that takes you to the beach etc.. if you price it with camping on the gulf it's not a bad deal. have safe travles.


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