Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fernandina Beach, FL

Well, the forecast was for 100% chance of rain today, so no big surprise to awake to the distinctive pitter-pat on the van roof.  Maybe the Universe knows I had some course work to catch up on? 

Not much to blog about due to the rain.  I’m writing this from Peter’s Point Beach where the GDB is the only vehicle.  Quite a change from yesterday.  

I’m parked in an elevated spot overlooking the dunes and watching the waves in the rain.  I just love having my little house with me wherever I go!  

After work this AM, I headed to this nearby restaurant for you-know-what. 



This is how they shuck ‘em.  That metal rod is forced down and breaks the shells open.  Probably a bit safer than the knife method.

Then it was on to the lovely town of Fernandina Beach.

I strolled about, ducking in and out of shops and staying mostly dry.

The town grew up around this port.

Later I drove to the beach and attempted a walk, but only lasted about 10 minutes.  It’s much more pleasant from inside the GDB.   

I’ll start heading home tomorrow.  After lunch, of course!  That gives me one last shot at some more seafood.  Hmmm …. I’m thinking bisque. 


  1. Miss Kim
    And so, was Fernandina everything I promised you? My dream is to run away there and open a bookstore, or at least buy the one in place...

    1. You couldn't ask for a better location!

  2. So, how do you eat those oysters? I've only eaten one raw oyster in my life, and the waiter helped me with that by mixing a fresh sauce with many ingredients at the table. Then there was also a cracker involved. On a cracker, I had to make it two bites, and I chewed it. Do you just swallow them down or savor the flavor??

    1. LOL! I savor the flavor.

      My particular strategy is to spear one with a fork, dip in cocktail sauce, place on a Saltine, and eat half the cracker as the oyster sort of slides off. It's a beautiful thing, really. So it's 6 crackers per dozen. Cuts down on the sodium.

  3. Oh, there goes my mouth watering again!

    How does that woman maintain that fancy French manicure while shucking oysters?? I couldn't keep one looking that nice if I sat on my hands all day!

    Sad to see the beach time coming to an end, but I have enjoyed the ride!

    1. LOL - I wondered the same thing about her manicure. So glad you found your way here, Suzanne. Everyone be sure and check out Suzanne's blog if you haven't already. She's adventurous and wickedly funny!

  4. There is nothing crueler than showing a plate of empty oyster shells! :D

    I had never seen oysters opened that way. It does beat the knife method for safety.

    1. Ooooh, I didn't mean to be! But I see what you are saying. Mainly I do these things so I'll have something good to read in the nursing home.


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