Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hilton Head Hang-Out

All plugged-in and cozy in Janice’s driveway.  One of my favorite camping spots yet, this lovely house in its lovely setting.

Arrived yesterday afternoon.  The weather is ideal with a feel of early spring and last night we were able to sat outside and get caught up.  Yak, yak, yak. 

For dinner, we had a fabulous shrimp-boil that Janice prepared.  Her 16-year-old, Daniel, joined us.  Must remember to keep camera close-by.

We took a brisk walk on the beach this morning.  Janice had appointments this afternoon so I’ve spent my time outside gazing at her backyard lagoon. 

Resident gator

There is reportedly an osprey nest and an eagle's nest nearby so I was scouting for raptors.  Didn't see any this afternoon but I was amply rewarded by spotting my first-ever wood duck!  What a thrill.  Again, no camera – sorry about that.  But, trust me, he looked a lot like this guy:

More wildlife.

Vigilant Dillon

It’s blue skies and 72 degrees.  I’ve worked a little, read a little, and even managed to do 2 crossword puzzles.  Bliss!  

It’s no cliché – life is good. 

Happy Birthday Janice!


  1. The wood duck is just gorgeous!!! Those colors are so bright and sharp. I have never seen one but now I hope I do.
    Enjoy this beautiful weather...we have certainly earned it!!!!

  2. Sounds so temps in the 70's! Not sure how you make yourself work....I would just doze off.

    Enjoy.....agree that it has been earned by everyone enduring the endless winter.

  3. Yep! Life is tough on the road!! Hope you can endure the hardships. :-)

  4. The good critters always come around when we dont have are darn camera.

  5. Enjoy Hilton Head! I lived in Bluffton for a year before hitting the open road, my best friend still works at a vet clinic on the island. :)

  6. So nice to visit with good friends. I've seen and snapped a wood duck, and they are just like the beautiful photo. I was surprised when I first saw one, at Santee Lake I think, and had to look it up. I'm glad you got to see one. Have fun with Janice! :)


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