Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jekyll Island, GA

I had such fun today on beautiful Jekyll Island.  

The skies were clear with temps in the 60s.  Ideal!

The island is about 10 miles from Brunswick via this causeway bridge.

Jekyll is a barrier island with undeveloped beaches.  The island is filled with massive oaks and impressive architecture.  

And there is much to do here.

After a long walk on the beach, I headed to The Rah Bar for lunch, relying upon the positive reviews from Trip Advisor.  

The reviews were accurate.  I had the crab bisque (natch) and a dozen raw oysters (double-natch). 

As there was no seating for a solo diner, these really nice folks allowed me to share a table with them.  

They are members (and parents) of a Tallahassee soccer team visiting the island for a weekend tournament.  They won this morning and needed to refuel for their afternoon match.  

I'm ignoring the team in the background in favor of my dozen raw.

I had fun visiting with them.  A reminder, once again, that you meet the nicest people on the road!

After lunch, I rented a bike and rode for a while along the many bike paths that weave throughout the island.  It was just such a nice day to be out!  Afterwards, I took my chair to the beach, worked on a crossword, and watched the birds and the surf. 

As darkness approached, I made my way back to Brunswick for a Wal-Mart overnighter, alongside several other rigs.  I'll have to commit to a genuine campground-stay soon as I’m beginning to feel the need for a very long, very hot shower.  I’ll head down the coast tomorrow in search of such. 

seriously great day!


  1. Oh Kim I'm so behind on replies....where else do I go to find the pics from a fellow foodie!!!! Love that about you! NICE MOSS!!! I am still amazed with that stuff...always touching it! Glad to see you on the road again...been following but read, hide and move on with the day. And then dream about your travels and wait for the next day to see where you land! You are on a cool route.....I love it!

    1. Glad you appreciate the food photos. The moss is beautiful but I learned when touring St. Augustine that it is FILLED with chiggers! Not from personal experience, thank goodness.

  2. One of our favorite campgrounds is Little Talbot Island State Park at Jacksonville, FL. Saw a sea turtle on the beach once!

    Crooked River campground at St Mary's is convenient for trips to Cumberland Island.
    Thanks for reminding us of great places close to home!!

  3. Jekyll and St. Simons!! Two of my favorite places from years past. Had an aunt and uncle that lived in Brunswick. We always visited both islands when visiting them. I was amazed with the old mansions on Jekyll. Most were vacant, and in different states of decay in the early 80's. And the oysters!! oh, my!! There was a place in Brunswick, a little joint, that had the coldest, saltiest, oysters in the world. Twenty five cents, each. You have brought back some great memories. Keep up the good work......

    1. 25 cents. Wow. My dozen cost $16 today!

      Hope you 3 are back on the road soon, Jerry.

  4. Wow! An ocean, an island, crab bisque, oysters, nice people to share it with, and a hot shower on the horizon.

    I am seriously jealous! :)

  5. Ditto what Sharon say's and yes very jealous indeed! Keep the pictures coming Kim

  6. A perfect day indeed! I hope you have a bunch of those all in a row.

  7. Hope you will check us out at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel on your next journey.

  8. Kim
    Michelle and I later agreed that it was a seriously great day! Of course, it was made better by your joining us for lunch. The boys who photo bombed you later won their tournament bracket. John, the other gentleman, thought he lost a battery but did not, thus making his day seriously great. I hope you have the best of travels and the best of times. What a wonderful bit of serendipity to have you break bread and shuck oysters with us...


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