Sunday, February 23, 2014

Little Talbot Island State Park, FL

Bummer.  I don't mind the rain so much but can't it happen on Mondays when I have grading to do?

Uh-oh, I think I'm going to get my wish.  Possibly more of the same tomorrow.

Still - a rainy day at the beach is better than no day at the beach.  And I got caught up on some reading.

Speaking of which, I want to mention this book my friend Janice gave me.

It's a practical research-based guide for healthy living.  The author explores the best ways to conduct the three fundamental activities in the title.  The subtitle says it all: how small choices lead to big changes. I've learned a lot and Rath's writing style is motivating.  Thanks Janice!

This morning, I stopped for coffee on Amelia Island at the American Beach Park, hoping for a long walk but the rain was coming down pretty hard.  The parking lot was listed in my overnight parking database.  I was a bit skeptical - it's rare that county governments allow camping in their parking lots - but apparently they do here!

I may return in the next few days.  It's only steps away from the beach.

Sigh!  You can see the sand dunes through the rain.

Next I made the trek to Little Talbot State Park - my home for the night.  The roads through the campground are overhung with massive low limbs.  I can't see any of the big rigs making it in without incident.  I believe that the RV length maximum is 30 feet.  But still ...

I drove to the beach, parked, and made lunch.  The drizzle stopped as I was finishing up my sandwich.  So I threw my raincoat on, grabbed the camera, and ran down to the beach, still chewing.  The respite only lasted for about 25 minutes but I got some walking in.

These surfers weren't having much luck either.  It was just them and me and a few shorebirds.

I returned to the campground and attempted to plug in.  I was puzzled because the electric pedestal is set up for 20 amps only.  My electrical cord is 30 amps.  I have a 15 amp adapter but it didn't seem to fit.  I struggled with it for a while and, of course, it's raining pretty hard.  No luck.  I resigned myself to no electricity .  I use so little power, my battery has always been adequate but, well ... when you pay for power, you want power.

My newly-arrived next-door-neighbor to the rescue!  He just shoved the adapter in the socket.  It's at a weird sideways angle and wouldn't hold the added weight of the heavy surge-guard, but a well-placed bungee took care of that.

He was so gracious to help me in the downpour.  He even checked the polarity for me!  That's one thing I love about campgrounds - there's always some gallant gentleman to lend a hand.

P.S. The shower was awesome!!!


  1. The kindness of strangers...glad you are all powered up! What's a few rain drops...good for the soul! But I'm ready for things to heat back up. Going to look for that book now...

  2. The site at that parks looks neat, but I'd never fit...

  3. I think our Casita would fit perfectly in that park!!! We might just have to put it on our "to experience" list.
    I am interested in the book...I'll check out Amazon and give it a read.
    The RV world is just full of the kindest folks....amazing isn't it??

  4. I think that book looks interesting, too. I might check it out. Do your students know you are grading their papers from the comfort of an RV on the road? They would be so jealous!

    1. No - they don't. LOL! I'm afraid my credibility would be shot if they knew their professor was a hobo.

  5. Glad you got a break in the rain so you could do a beach walk.

    That Nassau County sign warmed my heart. How nice that they welcome overnighters! It surprised me, too.

    I have met so many helpful people in campgrounds. When we first gota trailer and did not know how to back it into a campsite, good Samaritans came to the rescue for me twice. I really hate to ask for help, but when you need it and someone offers, it is so appreciated!

    1. It's true! I used to exhaust all possibilities before I asked for help. Now I pipe right up.

  6. Little Talbot Island is great until the noseeums show up. Wonder why you don't carry a bicycle? Barbara Florida

  7. At least you had a fast walk in between rain and a nice guy to help with your Pluggin And always good to have a few bungee cords in various sizes around too.


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