Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kansas City, Missouri

Hello from the RV parking area at the Ameristar Casino on the banks of the Missouri River.

I didn't realize I had stayed here one year ago on my Rockies/Dakotas trip until I pulled into the entrance!  The casino is (still) huge.  I’ll have a great place to do some walking to help make up for 2 days of no exercise.

The last few days of driving have put me over 800 miles into the trip.  Most of those miles have been on good US highways with light traffic.  The sights out the windows have been expected

and unexpected.

The heat I’m desperate to escape persists – it’s 84 at 5PM.  But at 40%, the humidity has improved as I’ve traveled north.  But I’m having to run the generator and A/C as I catch up on email, blogs, and work.

Tomorrow I glide into Nebraska and begin the long long two-state journey on I-80. 

Of course, the hours and miles disappear faster in the company of good books.

My audiobook is riveting.

My kindle book is equally compelling.  

This is the account of a journalist who seeks to discover whether if it’s possible to cross the USA coast-to-coast without a single penny.  Can one depend upon the kindness of strangers? 

Talk to you soon.


  1. Good to see yah back on the road! Looks like a good book as well.

  2. Send some cooling Chinook winds down to Alabama, please!

  3. Looks like very interesting reading/listening to help the miles pass. Glad the humidity's lower. Hope you hit cooler temperatures soon. Stay safe and entertained! :)

  4. Sure hope you find those cool temps!!! It seems we went from winter right into 90s....summer!! Your books sound like good reads! Enjoy and stay safe!!

  5. Glad you've got that audio to tolerate I-80.....as I've mentioned before...one of the most boring interstates! But you will be so rewarded at the end of your journey! Wonderful countryside.

  6. I've been listening to the Bill O'Reilly books too - Killing Lincoln, Killing Jesus and Killing Kennedy - I find them very very interesting. I'm not a huge Bill O'Reilly fan for the most part; but, I have to say that listening to these three books has been very educational and interesting. I definitely recommend them.
    Now I think I'll check on The Kindness of Strangers . . .
    Kim, I'm a little behind on blog reading but am interested in this particular adventure you're having. I'll back-track a little to see how this came about. Enjoy!

  7. Nice to have company along for the ride. :)

  8. Putting the miles on again. Hope you can at least leave the humidity behind soon. The talking books sound interesting.


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