Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Baby Gets New Shoes!

Hello .... Murphy.

I'm now convinced that Murphy relishes these long road trips as much as I do.

Once again, he came with.  Murphy prefers to reveal his presence in only the remotest locations.  If you don't believe me, refer to the blog archives for these chapters:

  • Busted transmission in the ruralest part of rural Wyoming.
  • Flat tire at a lake-side campground in middle-of-nowhere Alabama with no cell service
  • Warped rotor high on an isolated stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway 

and now ....

  • Damaged tire descending the side of a volcano.

Making my way down some 2,500 feet from the rim of Crater Lake, the front-end of the Roadtrek develops a wicked shimmy. I'm now in Chiloquin, Oregon - home to about 700 people, only one of whom is a mechanic.

First Consult

So this morning, after glumly waving goodbye to the WINS carravan on its merry way for a picture-perfect day at Crater Lake, I leave for my 10:30 appointment with Robert, the town's lone, though highly recommended auto mechanic.

Robert steers me right (you might say) after his test-drive diagnoses a damaged front driver's-side tire. It was cracked, worn on the inside, and the cord had separated.

Robert recommends Basin Tires some 22 miles south in Klamath Falls.  After a quick phone call to the shop, I leave immediately, driving 40 - 45 MPH with the hazard lights on the entire way. Any faster and the front exhibits violent shaking.

Luis, of Basin Tires, conducts a post-mortem

The cord separation is palpable.

One day I'll do a photo collage of the GDB in surgery and me in the waiting room.

I pass this afternoon of glorious weather in lovely Klamath Falls.  Seriously.  It's very pretty there - a nice town with nice folks.  And a beautiful lake north of town.

No sightseeing today though.  When the GDB is ready, I'm ready to return to the WINS camping spot.

Alone, this time.

Off you go, Murphy!

Back at the Ranch

NOTE: Everyone, please don't get me wrong.  Episodes like this are one of many that is likely to happen when you travel like I do.  In fact, that was the point of the post.  It's was an eye-rolling experience, not one of death and destruction.  Trust, me, I am supremely grateful that things weren't far far worse.  

Having said that  .......... I will continue to hope that the next episode is near a place where it is easier to get aid.  Stuff happens, but it doesn't ALWAYS have to happen in such outrageously remote spots.


  1. Tire problems are scary! Glad you got it fixed (crater lake will be there for pictures when the tire is fixed).

  2. It's all part of the trip. Glad you didn't have a blow out.

  3. I just returned from a great trip with a little squeak coming from the wheel in the trailer. Murphy makes sure there is never such a thing as a little squeak.... Bent axle and new tires. We should find some place far away to send Murphy!! Hope your misadventure is less expensive than mine..... still waiting for the axle.

  4. Boo, Murphy! But so glad you were able to get the tire replaced.

    Now it's time to have fun! :)

  5. You should look at the bright side of this episode - you DIDN'T have a blow-out. And now you have brand new tires that will last and last and last. You'll have some security that at least your tires will be good for, what is it?, six more years? So I think Mr. Murphy was coming along to protect you and the GDB.

    Bummer way to spend the afternoon, and I do mean "SPEND," but it's an investment in safety. I'd be thanking my lucky stars.

    If all goes well, my tires should last two more years, and I'm planning on replacing them in early 2016. I hope they last that long. I just had them checked and so far, so good. :)

  6. You know every good mother has to buy her baby shoes from time to time!! Just glad you didn't have a blow out that could have caused some serious damage to you or the GDB.
    Murphy is a pain!!

  7. Oh pooh on Murphy...just thankful he was kind enough to deliver you safe! Now you can "peel out" to more fun on the road!


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