Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Government Camp, Oregon

We pulled in yesterday to this small ski resort town in central Oregon.  Population 202.  

The drive north from Bend is lovely.  Before long, Mt. Hood appears.

What’s noticeable at first glance is the magnificent mountain's sole dominion over the landscape.  Like some Rocky Mountain that broke from the herd.  It’s stupendously appealing in a less-is-more kind of way. 

The new WIN camp.

Jim, Donna, Gene

Though situated on a busy 4-lane highway, we are surrounded by beauty.  I guess that’s Oregon for you. 

View from the GDB living room

Timberline Lodge

Today begins in a cool windy drizzle typical of the Pacific Northwest.  Or so I'm told. But what a perfect day to motor up the 2-mile climb and tour historic Timberline Lodge.

Web photo

Look familiar?  That's because the lodge's exterior was used in The Shining.  

Web photo

This landmark, on the National Register of Historic Places, was built by the WPA during the Depression and dedicated by FDR.  Everywhere you look you find rich architectural and artistic detail.

Oil painting of the architect in one of the many alcoves.

Every aspect of the structure, including the furniture, was hand-crafted using native materials.

Timberline Lodge is owned and operated by the National Forest Service.  One of the most unique places you'll ever attend a ranger-led talk.  

Steve, our enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide.
We even met the lodge mascot.  A Saint Bernard, of course.

Heidi (L) and Judy (R)

The lodge windows provide breathtaking views.  See if you can make out the chair-lift.  It was filled with skiers today.  

Here's a brief glimpse of the foothills through the heavy cloud cover.

The grey drizzling weather threatens to continue despite the hiking and kayaking plans for tomorrow.   Oh well, like all travelers, we hope for the best.  

                                                                     The End



  1. MAN, you are gonna give me nightmares with that last picture! LOL!

  2. The lodge tour had to be so dreamy....minus that BEAUTIFUL view in every direction!

  3. Wow what a place...what does it cost to stay in the lodge I'm wondering?

    1. Sondra,

      We were surprised at how reasonable to rates are. For a room with twin beds, $65 PP. Of course, the rooms are small and rather rustic as you would expect. But still ....

  4. I know I have said this about other pictures but WOW! What beautiful views from everywhere.

    1. You are right, Jo. Scenery everywhere you look. Oregon is a beautiful state.

  5. It sure is fun to see the gorgeous places you are discovering. Hope you are having a blast with the WINS. Looks like you are!

  6. Mt. Hood is breathtaking!! The lodge is definitely unique and I can't believe only $65 pp to stay....quite a bargain!!!
    Oregon is a beautiful place!!!


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