Friday, June 20, 2014

Lava Island Trail Hike

Part of this freakishly awesome trail, located just south of our camp, follows the course of the Deschutes River.  

This is the kind of day hikers dream about and the kind of trail we all want to hike.  With 68 degree temps and sunny skies, 5 of us did roughly 4 miles in-and-out.

Tom, Mary Jane, Donna, Sally

A completely satisfying experience.

About one-half mile in, an outfitter sitting near the bank overlooking the impressive white water informs us that several rafts will be navigating through in a few minutes so we hang around to watch the show.

Here they come .....

There they go ....

On the way out, I spy an Osprey nest. See the parent below on the right?

Back at camp, a Portland horse-riding organization is preparing for its annual Endurance Event.  A small army of horses, people, and dogs have gathered in the meadow behind us.  The event’s director, Lois, stops by to explain what they do and how they do it.

With roughly 100 participants, several competitions are scheduled, but the main event is the 24-hour ride.  The horse trails surrounding us have been marked and some portions of the trail will be illuminated for night travel. 

We keep popping over to admire the beautiful Arabian horses.  The riders are welcoming and patient with our questions.  This cowgirl even let us check out her combination horse trailer/living quarters.

I’ll leave you with some shots of this immense Deschutes National Forest.  I hope to always remember what this part of Oregon looks like.



  1. Looks beautiful there!! Have fun on your next hike!

  2. Awesome pics! Enjoying all the rivers and lakes!

  3. I think the Mary Jane in your hiking photo is a member of my Escapee's Class of '08! What a small world this is. So good to see her out and about and doing well.

  4. Such lovely beasts...and with such nice company!!!

  5. Nothing beats a great hike through beautiful scenery. Made even better when you can share the experience with friends. Enjoy.....

  6. So beautiful, Kim!

  7. WOW what a beautiful place to hike and enjoy the mountain air with friends. Hope your next hike with be just as wonderful.

  8. Amazing!!! Definitely an incredible hike!!! :-)


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