Sunday, June 22, 2014

Night of the Moose

I’m overnighting at Bend's Moose Lodge.  Yet one more thing that, had you told me 2 years ago I'd be doing, I would have suggested that you resume your anti-psychotic.

What a great option for nomads.  The Moose is a respected social/charitable organization that offers a lot of activities at their many lodges throughout the U.S.  Mah-jong! Cribbage!  Any member can pop into any local lodge for a good meal, a drink, and a chat with the locals.  A great resource for information about what to see and do in an area.  Not to mention, a place to stay.  So I joined!

I was made welcome and treated to popcorn as we watched team USA versus Portugal in the World Cup.

Because we move to Government Camp, OR tomorrow, I decide to get a head start on all the usual household chores you have to do when your household is on wheels – dump the holding tanks, fill the water tanks, refill the propane tank, and air up the tires.   The GDB could use a good scrub but ... I’m not that ambitious today. 

Yesterday, we visited Tumalo Falls in order to hike and gaze at the waterfalls on a gorgeous summer day.

The trail wound through the majestic forest dominated by Ponderosa Pine, Fir, and Cedar.

The sight of the multiple falls was worth the trip.

Donna, Tom, Mary Jane

I'm happy to report that my new-ish hiking boots are getting a dusty workout.  I really like them. You know, new boots are always a gamble until you get out and really use them.  But I think these are going to accrue some good miles.

So much to see and do here around Bend.  

Here's host, Diana.

So long Mount Bachelor. 


  1. But one more thing...only popcorn. Wai ting on that burger pic! Glad boots breaking in so well...happy trails!

    1. OMG! I'm bummed out it's not Tuesday. You know - gimme a burger and I'm a happy girl. I just heard from a member that they are fantastic. Grilled outside. Mmmmmmmmm.....

  2. Nice information, as well as the pics. Know what you mean about new hiking boots. Took a new pair of Keen's on our last trip. Turned out they are the best boots I've ever had. Diana's one of the best. Have been following her blog for years.

    1. Hi Jerry. It was a real thrill to meet her in person.

      You might want to check out the Mooses. I was amazed at how many lodges offer electric (for a reasonable fee).

  3. What a gorgeous, gorgeous place! The falls are stunning!

    And you are right. Who could have imagined you would be on a trip like this two years ago!

  4. hhhmmmm....those hiking boots look familiar. Don't buy anything else new. I can't afford it. haha!! Comin' my way...yeah!!

  5. Another beautiful place. The falls are just beautiful. You had a great host and hostess makes a good trip a great trip.

  6. I hope to meet Diana and her sister Barbara some day...just missed Barbara when I was visiting in Mesa..she was in Denver! I can apply for retirement in the spring of next yr!! I cant wait to recreate my life!


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