Monday, June 2, 2014

Twin Falls, Idaho


Arrived in town yesterday afternoon.  I pulled over to view the impressive Snake River Canyon. 

I was ready for an energizing walk after another long day at the wheel and was thrilled to discover a miles-long bike/walk path along the canyon's rim. 

The day started in a persistently remote section of Utah at Golden Spike National Monument – the site where, in 1869, 2 railroad lines linked-up giving the US its long-awaited transcontinental rail service.  

This was a very big deal.  Cities and towns from San Francisco to New York celebrated with pealing church bells, parades, and fireworks.  I’ve seen this photo in so many history books, I wanted to see the place in person.  

And I got my first NP stamp of the trip!

Then it was another 30 mile stretch on this lonely road through an immense agricultural valley before re-surfacing to join the truckers along I-84.

On to Idaho.  

I experience a sudden craving for potatoes.


I spent last night in the lot of what I believe is the world’s biggest, cleanest, quietest Wal-Mart.  I’ll be staying there again tonight.

Today would turn out to be a productive rest day - if that’s not a contradiction in terms. 

After a great night’s sleep, I compile a list of household chores that I need to tackle before moving on. 
  • Oil change.  Not only did the GDB get her oil and filter changed along with all systems checked-out and topped off, she also got her carpet vacuumed and all the windows cleaned.  A bargain at $42.99!  Best part: I stayed inside during the process and did some work. 

Definitely got my money's worth on the window-washing

  • Teaching.  Had more work than usual to do with one class ending today and one class beginning.

  • Water fill.  Again, through the generosity of Twin Falls and the sanidump website.

  • Generator oil fill.  She was about an ounce low.  This is always a production as I have to get under the GDB.  It’s a challenge working on a backwards upside-down oil reservoir.  It’s practically an athletic event.  One of these days I’ll get photos. 

  • Gasoline fill.   Of course.  As you can imagine, I’ve refueled every day since leaving home.  $3.48/gallon today.

Much of today was spent camped-out on the campus of the lovely College of Southern Idaho.  I can’t believe how comfortable 84 degrees can be with low humidity, in the shade, with my windows open!   This will be a nice spot for a pre-dinner evening stroll.

I welcome days like this when I can take my time and prepare the GDB for the next leg of the journey.

Tomorrow's destination: Craters of the Moon National Monument!


  1. Looks like a perfect, low-key day to build momentum for some serious NP exploration! Congratulations on the first stamp of the trip!!

    Good to know all the little maintenance chores are done. And how cool is getting the carpet and windows cleaned along with an oil change!

    I still almost faint when I think of filling up the gas tank every day! But, oh! To see that beautiful country! :)

    1. Yes, it's not inhaling the gas fumes that makes me want to pass out!

      BUT .... this is what I tell myself: it will only cost more next year. And I'll be a year older. Or maybe not even around. Besides, I figure I'm saving $100 a night in hotel costs. Not to mention dining costs. I'm comfortable with the cost:benefit ratio.

      I'm just so grateful I get over 15 MPG. I would really be nauseous getting 8 MPG. However, I'm happy to say there is no shortage of big rigs out on the road.

    2. I know what you mean - consider me nauseous! I only get 8 MPG - that's why I don't move much. LOL

  2. I found Craters of the Moon very interesting. There's also a spectacular Idaho scenic drive not too far from there. With my big rig, I stayed in a nearby campground (can't remember the name of it right now) that also offered two free breakfasts. It may have been even a Passport America campground. I'll try to look it up and let you know.

  3. OK, it was Mountain View RV Park and Cafe in Arco. I stayed a week because of everything to see in the area and it was $130 for full hook-ups.

    1. Thanks for the info. That's a great weekly rate! Is it a PA facility? As you know, I don't usually stay in campgrounds (unless I'm visiting you, that is).

      I'm thinking that scenic route might Highway 75 near Ketchum.

  4. You are making great time! I got my passport book and have only one stamp so far! I have visited most of the western parks prior to getting the passport book so I have to go back!! Happy travels!

    1. Cool! I know what you mean. We visited a lot of NP sites when I was a kid. Oh, if the Passport book had only been around in the 60's and 70's.

  5. I think if I had that kind of scenery I would not complain when it is time for my daily walk. I get so tired of walking the neighborhood and seeing the same sights everyday!!!
    You are certainly getting great gas mileage!!! Enjoy your travels tomorrow as you head to Crater's of the Moon National Monument!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  6. Those days off after long travel are VERY important. Brain needs the break as much as the body does. Sounds like you had another good one.

  7. I love those days when I get all the vehicle maintenance things done, dump, water, gas, propane, and then get food and laundry done. Totally wears me out, but I sure enjoy the clean slate! And the lazy days ahead!

    Congrats on your first stamp. I think I have one of those stamp folders, somewhere. I'll have to remember to fish it out if I end up in a National Park.


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