Friday, July 4, 2014

A Day in Portland

                                            Happy Birthday America!

The fireworks from our vantage point at the nursery.

It’s been a busy few days here in Boring.  No .... seriously.

Yesterday Debbie and I took the commuter train into Portland and ate our way through the historic district.

We laughed a lot too.

 Almost immediately, we head for a food cart area and carefully browse the culinary exotica. 

Debbie shows off her gyro.

Made with love.

I order an gyro as big as my head too!  Soon, my face is slathered in tzatziki sauce.  No photos.  

(You’re welcome).    

A must-see for visitors is venerable Powell’s Books, housing a reported 1 million volumes – new and used. 

Web Photo

There is a good selection of hard-to-find books by one of my favorite British cozy authors.  (Pen name: Miss Read.  Actual name: Dora Saint).  She writes about the busy goings-on in a small Cotswold village.  Her books are absolutely charming and much-loved.    

After a quick gelato stop, our train arrives to whisk us back to camp.

My quick take is that Portland is unique city among big cities.  It’s clean, oddly quiet, doesn’t smell of exhaust, and allows easy street crossings.  If so inclined, one can even jaywalk in the city center without fear of losing a crucial body part.

I want to go back for more.  Fortunately, we return tomorrow for Portland's big Saturday Market.   

P.S. A word on the weather:  SPLENDID!  


  1. We could never get Debbie to laugh much less take a face shot. I have heard of paper books but they are mystery to me.


    1. I think she's laughing at me laughing at her. I think everything she says is funny.

  2. So nice to have some one to hang with and go to new places. That book store is amazing.

  3. Portland is one of the places I think I might be able to live. But, I've never been there in winter so I'm not sure. Glad you are enjoying it.

  4. Guess I'm weird. My first thought was I wonder how much 1 million books weigh and if the structure can support the weight safely! :D

    The gyros look superb. And Portland sounds wonderful. Especially the weather!

    1. Don't want to rub it in but it was worth the long trip for this kind of weather. I'm having a real summer!

  5. When we lived in Eugene, Oregon for eight months, there was much in the news about Portland, most of it good. But the winter brought an apparently very unusual snow storm, and it was a mess - snowplows were inadequate, and many not in good repair. I've heard it is very crowded there traffic wise, so it sounds like taking the train was just the right thing to do.

    Yesssss - Powell's - on my bucket list, fur sure!

    Virtual hugs,



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