Monday, July 21, 2014

A Day In Seattle


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Just as I had hoped, taking the bus into Seattle from my new home in Bellevue proved simple.  

20 minutes and 4 stops after boarding at the South Bellevue Park and Ride, I'm at Pioneer Square.  I head for the waterfront.  

A local gentleman on the bus comments how much people are enjoying the heat wave.  It was 77.  Sorry, folks back home – don’t hate me!

I make my way over to Pike Place Market. 

It's fabulous!  Also crowded.  A local tells me that several cruise ships are in port. 

It's great fun to roam the maze of shops, restaurants, breweries, fish markets, and produce stands that seem to go on and on.

Back on the city streets, I stroll and browse some more.  This is my favorite shop.  

It has everything a map-nerd like me could wish for.  

I find an upscale antique shop stuffed full of treasure.


All along this trip I have been scheming about ways to sample the region’s prized Dungeness Crab.  On offer here, is Crab Cocktail.  Perfect!

The counter guy asks if I want cocktail sauce. 

Me: What’s the alternative?
He: Melted butter. 
Me: Uh, yeah.  Put me down for that.

And, yes, it is as delectable as it looks.

In the late afternoon, it was back to Home Depot where I receive permission to park overnight from the nice folks. This is a great location - close to the Park & Ride, and quiet.  I have this view of Bellevue from my living room.

[Note: On Sunday I explore the area on foot and find that the urban Bellevue is made up of corporate offices and high-end retail and residential spaces.  Everything looks new.  A real 21st century urban space.]   

 I'll hang out here for a few more days before making my way back to the coast.  


  1. It seems you have the perfect rig for visiting Seattle.

    1. That's one reason I love it so - perfect for big cities or small spaces.

  2. I've been so remiss at reading and posting from here in Redding, CA - HOT country. I'm loving your experiences in Washington. Yes, 77F is a heat-wave for the rainy weather folks in WA! Glad you got to try Dungeness crab - it's my traditional Christmas Eve dinner - Dungeness Crab, San Francisco sourdough bread and Caesar salad. It's the greatest and if you want any other recipes for 'our' crab, I'm your girl!

    1. Mmmm, that was really good crab. My first Dungeness.

  3. Your crab reminded me of being in Maine and having my first lobster roll. It's the thing to do. I love it when the thing to do is also tasty.

    1. I look forward to having my first lobster roll!

  4. Another map nerd!! I love reading maps and always have one spread across my lap when traveling (and I'm the co-pilot).

  5. The market place reminded me of the one I visited in Boston many years ago. It was fun to wander around. I hope you saved some of that crab for us.

  6. I'm not used to fish markets and produce stands...what gorgeous produce!!! I wish we had those here!! Your crab cocktail looks good...another food item that I have never tried.
    It is so exciting to read all about your adventures and fun!!! I agree with have the perfect rig!!!!

  7. I was pleasantly surprised by Pike Place! Lots of fun stuff to peruse - we bought huge green grapes, wine & cheese for a picnic on a ferry ride over to Bremerton for a Gaelic Storm concert. Fun times. :)

  8. Bellevue is new. When we left in 2007, they had just started their growth spurt. Every year we come back, we're surprised at how many new buildings there are. It's kind of sad to see the end of the old Bellevue. Their goal is to be a walkable city. They are attracting a lot of tech, so employment is good. Great pictures. You do have the perfect vehicle for your style of traveling.


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