Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Day on the Beach

Sunset Beach yesterday.

My first thought was What if I get stuck in the sand?  My second thought was Who cares?

You know, when I got the GDB, I knew we were going to land in some great spots. But I never expected this. 

My only neighbor

Even with the windows closed against the chill, all I hear are screaming gulls and crashing surf.

I take long walks.  I do the crossword.  I spy on shorebirds and windsurfers and watch for whales, sharks, and pirate ships. 

Windsurfing pirates, I'm sure of it. 
I make lunch.  Simple pleasures, you know.

All other sightseeing plans for the day get scuttled. Do you blame me?

I'm sure this is one of those days I'll remember till I can't anymore.

My 'back yard' view of the dunes

I’ll be moving on soon, heading south on US 101.

The overnight parking situation in Astoria is not good.  In fact, free overnight parking is non-existent due to strictly-enforced city ordinances.

The Moose has been gracious in allowing me to stay, but the location has issues.  There is no parking lot, so the few spots that are level require parallel street parking.  I hear many passersby remark on my Alabama plates.  Amusing enough during the day .... more than creepy after dark.  


  1. Simply glorious!! If you get desperate, go down and do a deal with "Chad" at the Pier 38 RV Park. If he let me have a space for $20 with a toad, maybe he will do you a deal. As him if you can park around the periphery of the lot for five bucks. If he is groggy from sleep, he may just say yes. ;-)

  2. Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. Sent you an email.

  3. I'll bet John is totally enjoying your photos and excitement. I'm having trouble bringing up the photos, I finally got a bunch up today from the last four posts - such wonderful places, I'm loving the photos, too. I remember the Astoria Bridge, just beautiful. And if you want to sit on the beach in the Good Deal Bus, you can. How great is that!? :)

  4. Now that has to be the ultimate parking spot.


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