Thursday, July 10, 2014

Astoria to Tillamook

I intended to write an in-depth post about Astoria’s Columbia River Maritime Museum

Seen from the lightship Columbia (a tour of which is included in the $12 admission).

But the subject is too big, the photos too numerous, and I’m too lazy to provide the detail it deserves.  

But I can say this: I learned to tie a figure-8!  And use an octant.  So GO!  It’s fabulous. 

I spent a happy several hours at the museum.  Not including a lunch break at Astoria’s famed fish-and-chips stand BowPicker.  

Aside from the fact that the kitchen operates on a tiny 60 year-old fishing boat, BowPicker’s most notable attribute is that the line is usually around the block. 

I left Astoria this morning, stopping for one last deserted beach stroll. To access this beach at Fort Stevens State Park, walk this brief trail. 

Over the dunes.

Until you come to this.

And this.

Coordinates for this day use/ parking area:  N 46.21598     W 124.00236

Soon after, I pointed the GDB south on US 101 toward Tillamook.  The 65-mile drive took a while. You can see why.

My question to Lewis & Clark: why did you go back East? 

Another rewarding day on the road.

On a more negative note ..... 

Enough already!!!!



  1. You are seeing such wonders and other great things but the beaches are my love.

    1. Those are my favorite memories as well.

  2. Been without internet for a couple days so just catching up on your blog. Beautiful photos and Astoria looks really interesting. Hope to catch up with you soon!

  3. If you get as far south as Coos Bay, be sure to take the five mile scenic drive from nearby Charleston to Cape Arago - it's super beautiful! Simpsons Reef is on the drive - the biggest pullout for seals, sea lions, and elephant seals in Oregon! Plus hikes down the cliffs to tide pools. Plus, a beautiful public garden!

  4. Yea why did the turn back...gorgeous. just read gas to drop in Aug per RV Business magazine...

  5. Gas going up a good reason to stay put where you are for a while longer...awesome area.

  6. You are at my most favorite place on the Coast... Rockaway Bch, Twin rocks and BarView.. there is a GREAT county park at BarView that have stayed at over and over, plus the beach there is stellar.... Also Cape Mears Beach and lighthouse is the greatest!! can u tell I love this place. We lived in Tillamook & Garabaldi from 1953 to 1957.. then vacationed there for many, many years and still do :) Have a good visit!!!

  7. Replies
    1. No, her Astoria visit preceded mine. I look forward to meeting up with her somewhere in WA though.

  8. Great Pics! Gas prices not so good :(


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