Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lincoln City, OR

Arrived yesterday and parked it here.

This is premier casino-camping.  What with the ocean view, beach access, and complimentary coffee and sodas.  A freeloader's paradise!

From my living room - see the sea to the left? 

The RV parking area is packed, no doubt due to the summer weekend.

Casa de Chihuahua.  How many can you spot?

I met up with Debbie along with her good friends and fellow full-timers Jim and Gayle of Life's Little Adventures.  Like Debbie, Jim and Gayle have a lovely Lazy Daze.  What a class-y Class-C!

One above the GDB

One adjacent 

It is so good to see Debbie again along with her goofy furkids, Rupert and Elliot.  Only Elliot would consent to a photograph.

This is going to be a lot of fun.  It's hard to beat being in a good place with good people.

Like Jim and Gayle's beauteous Sophie!

No photo of the other feline resident, Elvis.  He was too busy chasing a fake mouse.

We took a late-afternoon stroll along this stunning stretch of beach.

I can't wait to see it in sun-drenched glory, though the mist is beautiful too.  I'm spoiled after the succession of sunny days in Astoria.  But I suppose at least some heavy cloud cover and fog was inevitable.

Speaking of which, yesterday I drove north from Tillamook on US-101 and the clinging fog prevented any sort of views. This is a pull-out on the way.

How frustrating to hear the ocean pounding below and know that, if not for the mist filling that large gray area, one would experience heart-stopping beauty.  Oh well, I'll catch it on the way back.

Today's gloomy skies preclude any scenic activities, like hiking.  We'll just have to see what kind of mischief we can find in the casino.


  1. Replies
    1. LOL - both! They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

  2. I'm really enjoying your time in the Pacific NW. Makes me want to hook up and head that direction. 94*'s here today.

    1. I know. I miss the folks back home but ..... John was just now telling me that the weather is doing the typical thing - brief thunderstorms followed by suffocating heat. I don't miss that.

  3. I really like those two beach scenes with the fog. What's with the cupcakes??

  4. I'm writing this spot down...I want to camp on the beach next year for free! I don't care if it is crowded....I'll be on the beach!

    1. Perfect place for it. I believe the RV parking area is crowded now just because of the timing. But, even so, it's not at all noisy or anything. And you can't beat the beach access.

  5. Loved the misty beach scene and Sophie! We have very little experience with casino camping. Do they expect you to eat or gamble?
    You are having such a good time....makes me want to run up there!

    1. I'm sure the hope is that you'll spend $ at the casino. And you kind of want to, given such hospitality. They got a little of my $ today for sure at Bingo.

  6. Love the comment you put out there "A Freeloaders Paradise"
    the Lazy Daze are great but I would take the Class B any day.

  7. I'm in a casino parking lot right now, too. But I'm the only one here, parked in a dirt lot across from the gas station that is part of the casino. Not nearly as nice as yours, unfortunately. Don't you just love Debbie's motor home? So beautiful inside. :)

  8. That Sophie is such a poser... Bring on the cupcakes for which you risked "bingo jail." ;-)


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