Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ocean Shores, WA

Hello from the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino on the central Washington coast.

I happily reunite with Jim, Gayle, and Debbie - already installed at Camp Lazy Daze.

The casino has a large RV lot 

with easy beach access over trails like this.

Ocean Shores is the self-appointed Kite Capital of the World.  

We are joined by Chuck and Carla, old friends of the trio.  Chuck and Carla also travel in a Lazy Daze and are spending this summer on the road.  We stroll the beach.

Jim, Gayle, Carla

On Saturday, Gayle finds a sensational hike for us – Damon Point - a 4-mile beach loop that circumnavigates this spit of land on Gray’s Harbor.  

The clear blue skies enable us to see far-off Mt. Rainier.  This is the best photo I can manage – can you make out the hulking mountain hovering in the distance (below the clouds and behind the boat?).  

The abundant driftwood offers intriguing sculptures fashioned by Nature, the greatest artist of all.

Part of the land is a designated Wildlife Refuge.  Come here in the winter and you might spot a Snowy Owl!  

The casino is hosting an event this weekend that has caused us no end of amusement. 

Hogs.  As in Harleys.  Think Sturgis-on-the-Sea.  

Web Photo
With a beer garden, live music, tattoo competitions, and a Hangover Breakfast Buffet, we expect rowdy behavior for the next 3 days but it’s surprisingly peaceful.  See Gayle's post regarding the Men's Tattoo Contest.  

In other casino news, Debbie gambles.  And wins!!!

It's been great fun.  The weather has been ideal with clear skies and temps in the 60's.  

After the weekend, we move on to Olympic National Park.


  1. Oh, Kim . . . I am so jealous - and so is my Lazy Daze !!! ;->

  2. We didn't realize Carla was keeping track of our distance yesterday. They walked 4.5 miles so we actually did even more, if that makes you feel any better. So that lighthouse hike at Dungeness would only be about double what we did yesterday. Just saying.....;)

    1. Maybe by then I'll be up for it!

    2. If I could do it, you guys could jog it there and back before breakfast! The secret is, leave 2 hours before high tide. Look for the days in green:

  3. I have always like the Lazy Daze but they are hard to locate in our neck of the woods!!!
    Looks like a fantastic day for a lovely hike!!!

  4. I used to dream of owning a Lazy Daze. And taking off for parts unknown forever. :)

    What a wonderful summer you are having. Gorgeous scenery and great people!

  5. You're killing me!! Enjoy every minute.:-)

  6. All these Casinos are pulling me towards the Northwest for a summer. Thanks for the share!


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