Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Olympic National Park - South Beach

We checked-in here 2 days ago.

South Beach Campground is a $10/night, first-come-first-served overflow area for nearby Kalaloch Campground.  Basically it’s a large gravel parking lot with one serious advantage seen (barely) to the left.  An awe-inspiring view of the Pacific.   

My photos in no way do justice to the view from the GDB living room window.   

The campground has steep short paths to the beach.  

We experience approximately 1 hour of clear skies this morning.  But, hey ..... it’s a rain forest!

Ruby Beach

If you are into diverse ecosystems, this is the place to achieve the trifecta – Coasts, Rain Forests, Mountains.  Tip: bring a 4-season wardrobe.  

Our 2 days here have been occupied with 1) finding just the right spot with a coveted ocean view and 2) strolling the miles of powerful untamed beach.  

Chuck, Carla, Gayle, and Debbie are ambitious enough this morning to attend a ranger-led walk and learn more about the fascinating life of tidal pools.  Gayle got some fabulous photos, so stay tuned for her imminent post on the subject.  

I've wanted to visit Olympic National Park as long as I can remember.  What a thrill it is to finally be here!  I so look forward to experiencing the rest of this immense peninsula.  Tomorrow, I move on and explore a different section of the park - Hoh Rainforest.  After that, I'll rejoin our most excellent caravan again on Thursday at Mora Campground.

To make up for today's gloomy fog-laden photos, I'll leave you with Debbie's 2 boys - Rupert and Elliot - from a former, sunnier locale.  Action photos courtesy of JimTM   


  1. What a parking lot! I'd rather be there than a full amenity park back in the woods!

    The dogs are hilarious. Especially the flying ears in the first photo!

    1. They are so funny. The flying ears are my favorite too.

  2. Just looking at the pictures helped me cool down. So very calming too

    1. Way cooler than your neck of the woods, that's for sure.

  3. Love the photo of Ruby Beach....the mist and tall rocks reminding me of our time on the coast last summer!

  4. I feel like I just keep repeating myself....beautiful, gorgeous!!! I have never seen a parking lot quite like that one, amazing views!!
    The dog pics are so cute! They are truly having a blast!


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