Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Scenes From Camp Blueberry

The view from host Phil’s backyard. 

The blueberries aren’t quite ripe but that doesn’t stop the determined.


Gene has a pretty good yield.

Judy picks some lovely flowers for her kitchen table.

I’ve been trying to photograph Cindy, Judy’s scrappy little terrier mix.  She proves an elusive subject.  This is my best result so far.  I may have to give up.  

At least it’s better than this attempt.

Summer is here!  No rain for 2 days and temperatures have been in the 70s (at least until today which brought a mini-heatwave and a high of 96).  The evenings are especially nice.

The resident hawk dines as I watch from the van.

This evening, Debbie and I meet fellow-blogger Suzanne for dinner at Bistro 23 in Portland.  We have so much fun, talking for hours like life-long friends.  We all hope to meet-up again soon somewhere on the road.

Me, Suzanne, and Debbie

The food is yummy!  

Meatball Sliders with a side of Grilled Broccolini

If you haven't already, check out Suzanne’s blog - Take To The Highway.  It’s top-notch.  

On the ride home we see Mt. Hood bathed in the pink glow of the setting sun.  Then we notice the unmistakable flat top of Mt. Saint Helens in the distance.  

Just a great evening.


  1. Been following posts! Bet one of those sliders would get that Terriers attention :) What a grand time you having!!!

    1. Cozy,

      It's just been a great trip all around!

  2. One thing all our rain did was produce some of the largest blueberries we have ever had. Most all are dime size, or better. They are mostly gone now, but we picked gallons from two bush's. Keep on having fun. It's hot down South.

    1. Oy, Jerry! I'm sure it's insufferable unless you're in the A/C. I'll take the smaller blueberries and the cooler temps.

  3. Sorry I couldn't have joined you at dinner!

    1. Gayle,

      Me too! Then we could have justified another order of stuffed dates. Seriously, you would have been a great addition.

  4. Those blueberries look beautiful!!! Thanks for the link to Suzanne's blog...looking forward to catching up and reading along. Yes, the temps here are horrible and the humidity just as bad. We want to take the Casita to Chewacla to visit our son and wife next week (after the 4th crowds). Sure hope it is not too hot!!
    What beauty you are experiencing....and fun,fun,fun!!

    1. You'll be in my neighborhood there at Chewacla. I miss everyone back home but never never never that horrid weather. Have fun on your visit!

  5. It was a delightful evening, indeed! Such a treat to finally meet you in person after "shadowing" you all this time. My jaws were sore from so much wagging. haha! Thanks for the nice comments about the blog. I trust our paths will cross again!

  6. You girls are making me SO JEALOUS! ;->

    Virtual hugs,



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