Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Day in Victoria

Yesterday morning, Debbie and I board the passenger ferry Coho.  Destination:

Coho makes 4 daily roundtrip crossings between Port Angeles, WA and Victoria, the capital of British Columbia.  Here she is waiting for us for the return trip.

As the 90-minute crossing of the magnificent Strait of Juan de Fuca begins, the visibility is poor due to overcast skies and fog. 

But soon enough, our wished-for blue skies appear.

The fog (in the middle) rolls back to reveal the Olympic Mountains on our stern

The crossing is comfortable

 and before we know it, we dock at Victoria’s magnificent harbor.

Debbie and I spend the day strolling the flower-laden streets and admiring the city’s handsome elegance.  We navigate Chinatown's maze of tantalizing shops.  

Then on to Foo Food for lunch. After much advanced research, we select this restaurant based on reviews from a variety of online sources.  Our homework pays off.

We both order the caramel chicken. We both clean our bowls.  

Craving something a bit tart after so much savory, we stop for build-your-own frozen yogurt at Qoola.  I opt for the Pomegranate-Raspberry and get my chocolate and my fruit fix. 

We take a rare rest break on chairs that Debbie finds in the back of a boutique.

Continuing our walking tour, we enter the landmark Empress Hotel and scurry about like roaches (as opposed to paying guests).  At $55 per person (!), we decide NOT to indulge in the famed tradition of High Tea.  Besides, we are full.  Well ... kinda.

There are a lot of hairy buildings in Victoria.  

And murals. 

Particularly interesting is the Parliament building.  

The grandeur of the interior and exterior architecture is not to be missed.  

Unlike a United States government building, you are allowed inside without a cavity search. In fact, the only thing keeping us out of the impressive Legislative Chamber ...

 ... is this.  

A royal lock, no doubt.

The hours fly and soon enough it’s time to proceed through customs once again before re-boarding Coho.  

By the time we dock in Port Angeles, we are both ready to return to our own tranquil camp in the forest. 


  1. What a great day! From start to finish, everything was really beautiful and on top of that interesting and educational!

  2. Great looking building, that Parliament. The frozen yogurt looks pretty good, too!

  3. WHAT??? No photos of the High Tea, snapped over the shoulders of the snooty patrons?? Not even for the sake of the blog??? :::shakes head:::

  4. What beautiful buildings. And of course the food looks really good.

  5. Love Victoria! And the rest of Vancouver Island ain't bad either! Great pics!

  6. Worth the trip just for the food!! Raspberry and chocolate, Oh MY!! Certainly a grand departure from the forest living!

  7. You did NOT miss anything by not partaking of the high tea at the Empress. While it was nice enough (albeit VERY overpriced), it pretty much left me cold. The treats were not that special, and the waiter was not very personable.

    A very nice "tea" was had, though, at a tea house at Port Gamble. Just Googled it, and it is still there! If you get out to the islands in Puget Sound, don't miss "the real thing" at The Tea Room at Port Gamble.

    Yelpers seem to like it, too! ;->

    Don't know if they still have them, but there was a selection of hats, boas, etc., for the ladies to wear to add to the ambience. Can't remember if there were "accessories" for the gentlemen, though. Some top hats may have been available, but they would have been taken of to dine anyway, so probably not!

    We went there from Sequim, so not as far, but here are directions from Hurricane Ridge:

    Wait for me; I'd love to go again! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Judie,

      Thanks so much for the information! I got excited about the prospect of High Tea but, after consulting the atlas, realized that Port Gamble is far south of our route. I'll keep looking.

  8. I've always wanted to try a high tea but not sure I would have been comfortable going in jeans. It does look like you had a wonderful day, though.

  9. Your lovely post and gorgeous photos brought back memories of a magnificent visit to Victoria many years ago. A little tidbit - I had my 2 pound Yorkie, Molly, with me in Washington. I'd checked all the powers that be and found she could go to Victoria with us if I had the correct paperwork. I did and off we went on the ferry. When we arrived in Victoria, the duana told me I'd have to leave Molly with her during our visit. What?! I had all the needed documentation for her visit. "Oh, I didn't say she doesn't have the right papers. I just want to keep her to myself for a couple of days!" Everybody laughed. The lady was in love with little Molly; but, I told her that since this was Molly's (and my) first visit to Victoria she wanted to see the sites! Away we went . . .


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