Thursday, August 14, 2014

Anacortes, WA

I leave Oak Harbor this morning after accepting the reality that the weather is just not going cooperate for a return to hike Ebey’s Landing.  Here’s the view out my window this AM as I hopefully pull back the curtains to check the sky.

Also disappointing is the fog-encased drive over Deception Pass.  The bridge connects Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands.   

The bridge is something to see, but seeing it was impossible today. So here’s a web photo. 

And my version.

The upside to yesterday's persistent rain and stubborn fog is that I accomplish a lot in Oak Harbor – laundry, haircut, gas-fill, shopping, and even a trip to the post office.  Another benefit is that the steady rain washes away layers of accumulated dust and dirt from the GDB. 
I’m camped here in Anacortes in the marina parking lot. Cap Sante Marina is one massive piece of real estate – the largest marina I’ve ever seen. 

[Follow-Up: I was rousted last night before 11 PM and politely asked to scram by 2 marina security people.  I followed their advice and parked on a quiet level street a couple of blocks away].  

I meet up with Suzanne who has been here all week.  We have an evening stroll along the extensive docks before the rain returns.  Anything nautical always fascinates me and Suzanne, an experienced sailor, gives me some great inside info.  Unfortunately, I forget my camera.  

I don't get any photos of charming downtown Oak Harbor either for the same reason.  Can I be losing my tourist instincts?

Not much to report actually.  My only plan right now is to enjoy these last few days on the Washington coast before heading for the mountains - the North Cascades.


  1. Take Hwy 20 up to the Cascades ... beautiful road after the start of Sedro Wooley.

  2. Check road conditions before you leave--they're having some landslides due to the recent rains. My physical therapist's husband is a ranger up in N. Cascades NP--she gave me this information this morning.

  3. Since you posted some really beautiful pictures already on this post, I'll let you off the hook for forgetting to take along the camera on the last leg.

  4. You must feel like an old pro at Road Trekking now since you mentioned being rousted and finding another place so calmly. Good for you!


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