Monday, August 4, 2014

Cape Flattery

We take a day trip to Cape Flattery, the northwesternmost point of land in the lower 48.  I think how far I am from home and how this is the farther north or east I will be.  All the miles from this point forward get me closer to home.   

The five of us (Carla, Chuck, Me, Debbie, and Suzanne) stop here for lunch.  

I lose focus and neglect to photograph my lunch for you.  Bad blogger!  Suzanne and I split an order of fish and chips and a bacon cheeseburger.  The fish was good but the burger blew our minds.  If you ever find yourself in Neah Bay on the way to Cape Flattery, stop here and choose from one of their many burger options. 

The scenery from the restaurant is tasty too!          

With full bellies, we walk through the forest via the Cape Flattery trail about .75 miles. 

and exit the forest here to this view.

We spy sea lions, sea caves, and a puffin!  Once again, I’m too distracted to record the events. 

That's Vancouver in the background.

Across the waves sits picturesque Tillamoosh Lighthouse.  

Lighthouse-hunter extraordinaire Suzanne is pained that the automated lighthouse is unreachable.  She considers swimming across, but she has much to live for (keep reading).  

Later, we attempt the hike to Shi Shi Beach along this forested trail but it grows muddy and late. 

But the dominant reason we turn is back is that Debbie, Suzanne and I are eager to get to our next stop before close of business.

Read the Office Hours sign above and you can see why we aren't quite clear about closing time. The abbreviated hike turns out to be a good call on our part. 

Slow-smoked salmon

Owner, Kimm, lets us sample the goods and all 6 of our knees buckle. 

We load up Debbie's ice chest and talk about it most of the way back to camp.  

Me: It’s like butter. 

She’s right.  I’m ruined now for smoked salmon as I know in my heart it will never be this good again.  Not ever. 


  1. You are making me so hungry! Great photos. Love it that you found delish smokes salmon.

  2. I don't think I've seen anyone visit this area before its so wonderful looking!! How does one get to that lighthouse..bushwhack or helicopter?

  3. OMG...where you all emerged from the Cape Flattery trail is beyond gorgeous!!! Such beauty :-)
    The food looks incredibly delicious...I can almost taste it.
    This has truly been a journey of a lifetime!!!!

  4. Glad you didn't have any fog like someone else I know. :)

  5. Better than butter? What could be better than butter? Must compare! Oh, what you gals are doing to my saliva glands!!!

    Virtual hugs,


  6. Yes! No fog! You are one of many blogs I read ... And we've all encountered fog! Lucky lucky!

  7. I can see where the sign can be confusing. glad you made it there in time. That sure looks good.

  8. A beautiful hike, another lighthouse, and a mouth full of the "foie gras of salmon," and yes, I can die a happy camper! ;-) Was a fun day, made more so by sharing it with good friends!

  9. So there really is a lighthouse out there!
    Great sign for the fish company hours, but not very helpful for customers. I wish you guys would have made it to Shi Shi beach on such a beautiful day.


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