Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Olympic National Park - Hurricane Ridge

Heart of the Hills Campground

We are camped at this Olympic National Park campground a few miles below the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center.

It’s rare I find a campsite that makes me feel as if I could stay for 2 weeks.  

It’s scenic, clean, and blessedly quiet here.  I am inspired to do something I’ve never technically done before – cook in the GDB .  For dinner, I prepare a southwestern omelet with a side of Morningstar sausage links.  

I use the cast-iron skillet that belonged to my mom.  It’s a piece from a set she received as a wedding gift from her new mother-in-law, my dad’s mom.  Mama treasured the set and her voice went soft as she caressed their smooth surfaces while telling the story.  She would always say, ‘and your grandmother pre-seasoned them for us’.  I believe she was prouder of those cast-iron pans than she was of her fine china. 

After dinner I experience another first and wash dishes!

Hurricane Ridge Hike

Today we set out to hike the Sunrise Ridge Trail.  The attractions are the vistas - including the surrounding Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. 

And Mount Olympus, the crown jewel.

We traverse this scenic road from the campground to the Visitors Center. 

Gayle gets oriented to the mountain peaks.

Chuck, Gayle, and Debbie study the Olympic Peninsula relief map 

Shortly after setting out, we encounter Gene, a National Park volunteer.  Gene has lived in Port Angeles for over 40 years and has hiked ‘every inch’ of the park.  

He walks along with us for a bit, helpfully answering questions like: what left that scat? what species of fir is that? have you seen any bears? and …. where’s the trail again?  His job is actually to scout for bears near the trail and check in on the hikers.  

The weather is perfect and we are surrounded by beauty.

The Strait of Juan de Fuca is an enchanting sight.  All the more because we cross it tomorrow to visit Victoria!


  1. That was an excellent hike! The fog lifted on our way back and we could actually see blue water in the Strait.

  2. I have never cooked inside the Casita either. I don't for several reasons...the carpet and cooking odors and the heat build up. I guess I need to just try it sometime. It would be easier at times. Love the story of the cast- iron skillet.
    Wonderful hike!!

    1. John cooked in our Casita occasionally - most notably pancakes. And even bacon, though I remember being concerned about the lingering odor in the fabric.

  3. Never cooked in the GDB before? What do you eat?

    1. Mostly raw stuff - fruits, veggies, salads. Sometimes I'll do a microwave meal - heat up a pizza or use the micro-grill (which I don't consider cooking, but I guess it is). Other times, some sandwich meat rolled up in a tortilla.

  4. The trees look so stylized! And the scenery is gorgeous, as usual!

    Was fun to see photos of you breaking in the GDB's kitchen... er galley. :)

    1. You'd love it here. Lots of mushrooms!

  5. So now the GDB is totally Christened. But breakfast at any hour when your out camping is wonderful. . Beautiful views once again.

    1. Everything tastes better in a lovely campsite,don't you think?

  6. Just wonderful. I smiled when I read about your Mom and the skillet. Makes it all so much more special.

  7. I have my mother's 10-inch cast iron skillet; have been cooking with it for at least thirty years. Couldn't produce homemade granola without it! ;->

    Virtual hugs,



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